The Real-Life Hitch: David Wygant
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Imagine Will Smith, acting as Hitch, enter the library room at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica on a Thursday night.  He is sporting True Religion jeans, red Converse-like sneakers and a collarless form-fitting shirt.  His understated fashion downplays his true good looks.  He is tall and fit.  As he walks in the room filled with 90% men (one girl is present - my friend “Radiant Sun”, formerly known on this blog as the “White Woman”), he looks around with a confident smile.  All eyes are on him but he doesn’t seem one bit intimidated.  With little to no effort, he takes control of his surroundings with charm and energy.  Within minutes, everyone seems entranced by him and for the next hour or so, words of wisdom are shared on the topic of dating.

Now… pause the image you have in your mind.  Switch out Will Smith for a white man in his mid-40s.  Keep the handsome part, but change his looks to a taller and more slender version of Hitch.  Press play again and there!  You now have David Wygant.  If you don’t know who he is, go check his website.  He is what he calls a “dating agent” and he wants to put you “into a position to succeed with women in a way that works best for YOU.”  It’s not about just meeting and bedding women anymore, it’s about finding the right woman. 

I listen attentively to everything he has to say and I’m beginning to really like him.  Unlike your average dating coach, he has actually worked with A-listers in the entertainment/business world and teaches both men and women.  He’s also well recognized in the mainstream media as he occasionally writes dating advice for Yahoo! and has been featured in countless magazine articles.  Unlike many pick-up gurus, he doesn’t advocate a one-size fits all approach either.  His coaching is aimed at giving you a strong foundation and building your strengths on top of it.  He wants to give you the tools to be able to talk to anyone anytime, and also encourages you to meet women in places where you have no real competition (he recommends paying attention to the women in your daily routine.  Think of grocery stores, book stores, yoga studios, parks, etc… rather than bars and clubs).  Interesting… indeed. 

I was very impressed with the way David carried himself.  He reminded me of Wayne “Juggler” Elise, but David was a more energetic, fun version of him.  Wayne is funny because he doesn’t take himself very seriously whereas David is funny because he’s just “out there.”  Maybe it’s all in my head but I’m noticing a trend that even Johnny Wolf from SoCal Lair is seeing (yeah, Johnny was out with me too).  A lot of “natural” guys carry a very strong presence.  Their energy level is different based on their personality but they share this very warm, approachable and magnetic aura around them.  I don’t know why yet, but it’s something I don’t sense in indirect method guys as often as in natural guys.  Maybe I just haven’t met that good of indirect guys yet.

After his talk, I stayed to speak with him for 15 minutes or so.  A lot of what he said really hit home with my own personal beliefs:

  • He’s not fond of the routine approach to dating because “meeting people is not a game, it’s an art.”  Routines encourage guys and girls to play games with each other and they don’t really teach you to connect properly with women.  “Natural is the only way to live.”
  • The best opener is to observe the girl and/or your surroundings and use that as a conversation starter.  From there, you can talk about things you are both interested in and have fun with it (this reminded me a lot of the things I told “StreetWiseKeen” last year when I went out with him on Third Street Promenade)
  • Always have fun first (which is the same as what theApproach advocates with their “keeping the proper focus” concept).  Meeting women should not be hard.  It should feel easy and casual.
  • You want to always allow the energy in the interaction to flow freely (this is very similar to the Continuous Flow of Action by theApproach)
  • Creating sexual tension is very important in solidifying the attraction/seduction.  It’s about making sex her idea.  When you can successfully do this, you enter a new category of men that women want to escalate on first.
  • Tantric/erotic massage is one of your greatest tools to achieve great sex.

All in all, David Wygant was the unexpected but pleasant surprise of my Thursday night outing.  What I liked about him most (besides his charismatic energy) is that I could see myself hang out with him.  He is a very engaging person.  I wasn’t afraid to introduce him to my non-Community friends so I decided to invite him out to my friend’s birthday on Saturday night.  Everyone seemed to enjoy his company.

Now, if you want to learn more about him, take a look at his blog.  He posts twice daily and also has podcasts for you to listen to.  I listened to them over the weekend after I met him and they are good.  They are short too… about 10 minutes each so it’s really easy to listen to.

If you want to meet him without taking his bootcamp, he’ll be speaking at the PUA Summit this August 25-26.  When you go buy your tickets, remember that you can get $50 off by using “kissntale” as your discount code on the checkout page.

Now… because I like to give stuff out, I asked David to allow me to offer you guys a free copy his Mastery Audio Series for Men, Volume 1.  It’s entitled “Target Practice” and has 42 min worth of audio on the mindset you should have for successful dating.  Guess what?  He said yes, so download it here (19.5 MB – right click and save as…) before he changes his mind.  Just know that the 8 volumes series is never sold separately and will cost you $169.95 as a complete package.  I haven’t reviewed Volume 1 yet but if you like it, you can buy the rest of his series on his website.  Have fun, guys! 🙂

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