What It Means To Be A Man
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I feel bad.  I haven’t written a lot on the blog recently but it’s not because I don’t want to.  I just have been busy.  Yakub came to visit me and David for the past week and I’ve been taking him around, showing him the good life we have in CA.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working with David Wygant a bit more lately.  So a couple of my most recent posts have been published on his blog instead of mine.  I’ll repost them here sometimes this week.

In the meantime, David, Yakub and I had some really good conversations this past Saturday on what it means to be a man.  What does it mean to be a strong man?  What does it mean to be attractive and desired by women? 

I personally think that the topic of “being a man” is not discussed very often.  As boys, we are told and we are expected to “be a man” but we are never really taught HOW to be one.  We are told to stand up for ourselves and to be independent.

All I remember as a kid were vague “don’t cry”, “be strong” from the various father figures in my life.   But how do you learn to be strong?  How do you learn to be self-reliant?  How do you learn to be an attractive man?

Women, on the other hand, learn to confide in each other.  They share their inner fears and demons to one another.  By discussing them, they learn how to become a woman.  Men on the other hand usually don’t ask each other for help.  We deal with problems on our own. It would be un-manly to ask someone for assistance.

So for the first time here, David, Yakub and I decide to sit down and discuss openly how we feel about being a man.  I hope you enjoy it.

For me, being a man is similar to being a bamboo tree. You are to be grounded and strong but you can bend to the weather calamities at will without ever breaking. That supple core strength is what makes you a “strong” man.

The Meaning Of Life... as a Man

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