What Are The Moments You Live For?
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What do you do when you are so high on life that people can’t understand you?

What do you do when you see beauty in every moment that you breathe?

What do you do when you see beauty in every person you meet but they don’t see it in themselves?

Which moments do you consider worth living?

Are you so oblivious to those moments that you let them pass you by as if they never existed?

I love what I do.  I love the people I meet.  I love life.

Yesterday, I was at a friend’s party.  The location was gorgeous.  Imagine a mansion hanging on a cliff overlooking Santa Monica beach.  The house is filled with flowers.  Beautiful people are mingling around in the patio.

The men are all successful.  Some of them are millionaires.  They carried a certain confident and comfortable energy with them.  The women are all wearing sun dresses.  They walked with that sexy feminity that would make any guy look twice.

And there it was… a little garden that only had one wooden bench in the middle of it.

I walked there and sat down by myself.  I looked out.  I breathed in the moment.

If I didn’t step away from the beautiful crowd, I would have missed it.

As I looked out, I saw something magical.  I saw that magical moment when the sun kissed the horizon in a red hot passionate embrace.

When you let that moment sip in through you, when you connect to your own  emotions, when you allow yourself to be grounded, you start feeling something you can’t describe in words.

Peace?  Love?  God?

I smiled.

A 42 year-old man I talked to earlier came up to me. 

Why are you here, sitting by yourself?

I asked him to sit with me and I pointed to the horizon.  He understood.

Then he asked me a question he asked me before:

Why are you here, at this party?

I didn’t know it… but I found out at some point that the party was actually a matchmaking party.  These beautiful men and these beautiful women were put together in this breathtaking setting to find one another.

I obviously wasn’t looking for “the one”.  I was just “there”.

I told him “Because I was invited”.

And then this 42-year old man and the 27-year old “kid” that I was started talking.  We talked for a long time. 

He opened up his life to me. 

He talked to me about people.  He talked to me about children.  He talked to me about business.

I listened.

He talked to me about love.  He talked to me about fears.  He talked to me about life.

And I listened.

There is something magical when you share yourself to someone with unbridled openess.  Man or woman, it doesn’t matter.  When you listen intently, you connect.  You connect on such a deep level that time and space disappear.

It’s just you and that person.

It’s those moments that I live for.

It’s those moments when you can drop your armor without fear and allow yourself to surrender your entire being to the other person.

Right then and there, I knew him.  He knew me. 

I felt connected to him as if I was him.

Would it sound gay if I said I felt “oneness” with a man?

He then asked:  

What do you do when you unexpectedly meet a woman that you think might be “the one” but you meet her through the girl you are currently dating?  What do you do when the girl you are currently dating happens to be the person who organized the party in the first place?

There was no right answer to his question but I told him:  

You should always pursue the very things that makes you feel alive.

Before we left each other, he said:

Khiem, you have an aura about you.  You have an aura that makes people feel very comfortable opening up to you.

I work for a marketing company.  If I was CEO of my company right now, I would make you an offer to work for me.  I work with companies that are very strict with their corporate culture.  They tell you to forget everything and to only think about ideas, possibilities and results.

I would want you to help them realize that it’s all about people.  It’s all about connections.  I would want you to come hang, just as you are, so that my people could absorb some of your wisdom.

I didn’t know what to say.  I was so very flattered. 


I helped him put some boxes in his car and we parted ways.

As I drove down Sunset Blvd, I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize.  I picked up.

Hey, it’s xxx again. Where are you headed?  I don’t know why I’m calling you but I’d like to hang out with you a bit more.  Can we meet somewhere right now?

So I went and met him. 

Live in that moment.  You don’t know where it will take you.

We talked some more… a lot more.

“What is the meaning of life?”

“I think the meaning of life is achieving self-awareness”

After some more thoughts, I added:

“The meaning of life is to realize that you have tremendous personal power within you, a power to impact and influence others more than you think. 

Your beginning journey is to recognize that you have that power but then the real challenge becomes:  can you learn to truly own that power? 

Once you realize you have that power, can you use and handle that power responsibly?  And THAT… takes a lifetime to learn.”

“So what is the meaning of YOUR life, Khiem?”

“To bring meaning to others (?)”

We sat there in silence, smiling at each other, enjoying the moment.

I was happy. 

I wanted to share this with someone else but I felt a sudden sadness at the mere thought.

I knew, deep inside, some people wouldn’t understand…

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