Meeting Steve Piccus
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Do you know what I like about Steve Piccus?

He’s the antithesis of the “nice guy.”

Unlike nice guys who try to always please people, Steve Piccus only tries to please himself.

Unlike nice guys who smile at everything no matter how they feel, Steve Piccus uses many different facial expressions that show how he truly feels.

Sometimes he’s loud, sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s obnoxious, sometimes he’s kind and sweet, sometimes he pisses everyone off and cuss like a sailor but no matter what he does, he’s always true to himself.

Steve is just Steve.

He says it like it is.

He’s a manly man, not afraid of who he is but proud of being the man that he is.

He’s full of channeled aggressiveness but he’s also filled with immense compassion.

Steve Piccus is a man in his own right.

When you meet Steve Piccus, there is no way you can think of him as a “nice guy.”

If you were to ask me, there’s actually nothing wrong with being the “nice guy.”  A lot of people and a lot of women like “nice” but “nice” is so bland.  “Nice” is so nondescript.

What if everyone was as vibrant as Technicolor?

Are nice guys fake?  Is this why nice guys finish last?

If you haven’t notice, “nice guy” is the term that women use when there’s nothing really unique or extraordinary about you.   There’s nothing about you that truly stands out in their eyes.  Instead of being hot, sexy, sweet or kind, you are just… “nice…”

“NICCCCEEEEE…!!!” as Borat would say.

Actually, you are kind of just… boring.  Where’s your personality?

Better be bold than too safe.

The problem with the “nice guy” is that he tries to please everyone.  He’s so insecure about himself that he wants everyone to like him.  He’d rather not offend or confront anyone because he prefers to make people happy.  What he doesn’t realize is that his overzealousness in pleasing everyone makes him weak inside and in the end, nobody really respects him.

The “nice guy” has a lot of heart but not so much spine.

The “nice guy” needs to learn to have integrity for himself as a man.  You can’t deny your own own sexual desires and you can’t allow yourself to do things at the detriment of your own self-respect.

Steve is not a “nice guy.”  He’s just a guy and he’s quite good at it.

I met Steve Piccus for the first time at David DeAngelo’s Man Transformation seminar back in May 2008.  I only spoke with him for a few minutes but he left me with a strong positive impression already. If you are curious, go read my old post to see what I wrote about him.

I met him privately again in July.  As expected, no matter where I’d meet him, I observed a strong presence emanating out of him.  He kind of commands attention or is it respect?

Upon first look, I know that a lot of guys would wonder:  is this guy for real?  Does he really get laid?

When you look at him, he doesn’t fit the stereotypical image of a guy you’d think gets women.  He doesn’t even fit what Pickup Artists (PUAs) consider core principles of good personal presentation.  If you thought a ladies’ man would look like James Bond or the model on the cover of Men’s Health, Steve is not it.

He is quite the opposite.  He’s not in shape.  He’s not fashionable and he definitely doesn’t peacock.

His idea of good fashion is comfort fashion.  The way he dresses is a cross between an Indian Chief and a cowboy.  He typically sports some good Levi’s, a hat, maybe some cowboy boots, a vest and some spiritual or earthy-looking rings and bracelets.  It’s very “Steve.”  His fashion style is unique in its own way and I’m sure you’d be able to pick him out of the crowd if you were to look for him.

What I like most about Steve is his congruency with himself.  He has a very distinct identity.  As I’ve mentioned before, he likes to cuss but he cusses in a very colorful way that reflects the passion he has for the very things he talks about.

He’s very authentic.  Whatever you learn from him, you know he’s experienced it or lived it.  You can just tell by the way he talks about it and by the stories he’d share with you.  

Oh… and if you are wondering if he does get laid?  Yes, he does.  I overheard him talk on the phone to a few of his girlfriends who called him while I was meeting up with him.  I didn’t know the exact details of the conversation but from what I could catch, I could tell there was a lot of love and caring going on in between them.

So what does Steve like to talk about?  He likes to talk about being a man, which for him is very often contrary to what a Pickup Artist is.  There is no doubt that he has a strong distaste for the Pickup Artist Community but whether you agree with him or not, you can’t help but listen to him.

I believe more guys should listen to him.  There is something powerful about learning and growing into a powerful man who is not afraid of being sexual and at the same time who is not afraid of being “weak” or vulnerable because he’s compassionate and comfortable with himself.

According to Steve, too many Pickup Artists (PUAs) parade themselves into something they are not to get the girl.  They lack a strong sense of self when they act like a chameleon who can bond and win over any woman at the club or they act like jerks when they put women down during teasing and flirting while secretly trying to get in the woman’s pants.

A man who has integrity loves women for who they are.  He doesn’t try to manipulate women’s feelings into liking him.  He allows them to blossom into liking him.  He proudly shows them the great man that he is and the women end up liking him, both his qualities and faults.

For Steve, most PUAs out there are too validation seeking.  Most of them have yet to come to terms with their own masculinity.  They meet up and hook up with girls just to strike up their ego.  It’s a way to prove to the world that they are the man when being the man really means being self-validated and pursuing your own purpose.

These PUAs are like little boys showing off who has the biggest penis.  Have you heard of  the 0-10 scale PUAs use to rate women?  It’s a pure “hotness” contest.  When you look at women on a 0-10 scale, you don’t really come from a place of love.  You are just objectifying them.

If I was to try to summarize Steve’s philosophy on meeting women, I’d say that his take on your ability to attract women is about BEING the attractive/pleasurable man you ought to be, without compromising your integrity as a man.  You got to honor the man inside of you.  You got to accept and embrace who you are, the good and the bad.

It’s an identity thing.  Meeting women is about loving women, ALL women, no matter their shape and forms.  It’s not about just running techniques on them and “scoring.”

Steve is quite a character.  He has a lot of funny and very insightful anecdotes.  Talking to him felt like a blessing.  I was listening to the wisdom of a man who seemed to not only understand women, but who also understand the intricacies and the privileges of being a loving and self-respecting man to and for women.  

And you know what?  I like it.

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