Kill The Mood Please…
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I can’t stop laughing.

There are times when you have to admit… we, as humans, are funny.

I want you to imagine something.

Imagine yourself going on a date.  You are dressed all sexy and hot.  You pick up your date and she’s dressed up to the nines.

She’s definitely wanting to turn heads today, in particular, your head.  Her low cut blouse makes your eyes wander towards her plunging cleavage.

Her short shorts emphasize her already beautiful plump bum.

“Control yourself,” your mind tells you.  You can’t make it so obvious that you are checking her out, now can you?

As you come in to give her a hug, you let out a quick compliment.  “Thank you,” she says with her cute little smile.

Her warm body feels good in your arms.  As your chest rests briefly against hers, you take a quick whiff at her neck and silky hair.  She smells good too.  Hmmm… You can feel yourself getting turned on.

Not realizing what has just happened until just now, you hope she doesn’t notice your growing bulge.

She lets you go with an even bigger smile.  “Oh my god!  Did she notice?”

After a quick lunch, you both end up taking a stroll on the beach.  As you walk side by side on the pier towards the sea, she gets cold.  Even though the sky is clear with a powerfully radiant sun shining on, the chilling wind blows strongly.  Like little kids unaware of the sexual implications of a boy and girl holding each other, you stand behind her and wrap your arms around her to keep her warm.

People look at you with funny stares.  You both look like penguins, marching like that, wrapped in each other, towards the diner at the end of the pier but it doesn’t matter to you.  She’s so close to you.  You can smell her intoxicating scent again.  Hmmm…

You feel the urge…

Though you can’t see her face when walking like that, you can sense her smiling.  She likes it.  She’s holding your arms wrapped around her.

Inside, you both share a root beer float sitting next to each other, in a booth overlooking the horizon.  She lets one of your hands roam around her thigh.  She’s laughing at the stupid jokes you tell her.  Hmmm… her body feels so smooth against your hand.

You can’t help but smile.  She looks so cute when she’s laughing.  Other guys see her as an intimidating woman to approach and conquer but you know better.  Even when she slurps loudly on the straw to suck in that one extra ounce of vanilla ice cream from the root beer float, you see a little girl craving to be loved.

You feel the urge again…

Is there a reason for you to hold back anymore?

As you look deep into her sparkling eyes, time slows down.  You hold her neck and face with your right hand and gently pulls her towards you.  Your face gets close to hers.  The air in-between you gets charged with electricity.  Closer and closer…

She sees the inevitable coming.  She doesn’t resist.  You’ve both thought about it.  Why wait?

Finally… your lips touch, sending a pleasurable tingling sensation down your spine.  You feel dizzy.

You stop to catch your breath.  She’s smiling.

Both of your faces caress each other once again.  Her soft lips part open, allowing your tongue to wrestle hers in a romantic dance.  You get lost in the moment.  A warm sensation overtakes you from deep within.  Hmmm….

You feel high, completely intoxicated by her.  People around you become blurry.  Their surprised stare seem to disappear.  It’s as if only you and her exist in the restaurant.

“Oh god, what if…” you wonder.

What if no one else was here?  What would happen if only the two of you were alone?  You play the scenario in your mind, entertaining the sexiest and naughtiest thoughts.

She knows what you are thinking.  You told her.  The glimmer in her eyes seem to burn even brighter.

On the drive home, she leans her head on your shoulders.  After an entire day of fun, she still smells good.  She makes you want to touch her.  She makes you want to caress her.  She makes you want to kiss her but you can’t.  You have to focus on the road.  Your car is a manual.

Unexpectedly, you feel something caressing your skin.  Her hand slides under your shirt and moves around in circular and brushing motions on your chest and stomach.  You feel so hot in here when it’s so cold outside.

It’s hard to contain it.  You feel the urge again…

The gentle caresses of her hand on your skin makes you want her so much more.  She knows this.  She can see it in-between your legs.  She flirts with your inner thighs.  You free your right hand away from gear-shifting knob duties to touch her.  She likes it.  Unable to control yourself, you mumble out a deep sigh out of frustrated lust unfulfilled, or is it a moan?

She knows what you want.  You know what she wants.  She’s relentless.  Right then and there, she…

You can’t take it anymore.  What to do?  What to do?  You are nearing her parents’ house where she’s staying for the weekend.

“I’m not ready to go home yet”, she says.

You’ve never heard words uttered so beautifully before.  You can’t mask the stupid grin she just gave you.

You find a dark spot under a tree to park the car.  The urge is too strong.

Your pants were undone before but now, within minutes, you find yourself naked in the backseat with her.  The texture of her velvety skin feels so good against yours.  The car windows get steamy.  It’s hard to see outside.

Her supple breasts feel wonderful in the palm of your hand.  As you kiss her passionately, she runs her fingers down your back making you burning with desire even more.  The breathing gets heavy.  She arches her back and tilts her head backwards as you bite her neck like a hungry vampire.

In the thralls of ecstasy, she squeezes your buttocks forcefully and out of nowhere, you hear a big fat “Pffffrrrrlurrpfffrt!!!!!”

Surprised, you push yourself off of her.  She looks at you curiously and for a moment, you both seem puzzled by the implications at hand.

Oooops… did you just rip one?




Both of you burst in laughter uncontrollably until… the stench starts to rise in the cabin of the car.

“OMG, I can’t open the windows!  How do we open the windows?!?!”

You press the power-windows button frantically but nothing seems to respond.  The car keys are still in front and so… for the next five minutes, you both endure the delicious odor of your biggest, loudest and most inopportune fart ever.

You look at her again.  She looks at you.  You look down quickly at your crotch.

“I guess that’s what you would call a boner-killing fart!,” she says… still laughing.


Sometimes, you just have to know how to laugh at yourself 🙂


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