Mass Effect 2: Romance Class For Geeks?
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Please don’t tell my girlfriend… but I’ve cheated on her.

I’m so ashamed to say… but I couldn’t help it.  It was so hard for me to resist.  How can you say no to a woman like Miranda?

She’s so sexy in her tight white and black outfit!

When she walks around next to me, my mind just wanders.  When she runs around blasting through enemy territory covering my ass, she makes my heart beat faster.  Thump, thump, thump…

Sexy and Fierce Miranda, ready to shoot her gun

Just look at her!  How can I resist her fierce, confident demeanor?  After all, she WAS designed to be the perfect woman!

Mass Effect 2:  Miranda Shows Off Some Of Her Curves

In some ways, she even looks like my girlfriend…

Admit it, you are a geek at heart.

Football season is over.  Valentine’s Day just passed around the corner (but that was such “not a guy thing” to get excited over).  So what’s to keep a man busy until baseball or baskteball season start?

Mass Effect 2 of course!  For the XBox 360 and PC.  In this Sci Fi role playing game, you assume the role of Commander Shepard, soldier extraordinaire on a mission to save humanity from evil evil Collector and Reaper aliens.

More importantly, you get to flirt with a bunch of beautiful human and alien females of your choice.  Hmmm… I get to play with big guns AND flirt with women, what’s not to like?

Just have your pick:  M-15 Vindicator assault rifle, M-98 Widow sniper rifle, Miranda Lawson the fierce, M-300 Claymore shotgun, Jack the psycho bitch, M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon pistol, Kelly Chambers the naive, Samara the rightous, M-4 Shuriken machine pistol, Tali’Zorah the shy nerd, Geth pulse rifle or Morinth the dangerous…

Oops, I think I just mixed my women with my guns again.

After spending a week exploring and saving the galaxy so that you can all have better lives, I had to ponder:  is this what young men have come to:  romancing virtual girls and sexing them on our computer screen?  Is this the next generation of soft core porn?

What does Mass Effect 2 really teach us when it comes to flirting and “scoring” with the opposite sex?

For goodness’ sake,  let’s be honest, how many of you guys rubbed one out as you watched the lovely “romance” scene play out with the lady or man of your choice?

Unfortunately for you, if you were planning on getting yourself a copy of the game just so that you can go straight into making your virtual sexual fantasy a reality, your journey won’t be easy.  Even in the game, these women (or men for that matter, in case you picked to be a female Shepard at the beginning of the game) won’t be throwing themselves at you anytime soon.

When it comes to romance, the developers of Mass Effect 2 got it right.  Even a hero needs to know how to flirt.

So what can you learn from the game about attracting love into your life?

As I scoured the galaxy for these evil evil aliens, I found myself doing the exact same thing I would do in regular life.  I ended up chatting women up in between missions and listening to their stories.

With some of them, like Kelley Chambers, I flirted with her right off the bat.  She didn’t seem to mind.  I was a hero after all!  I had a reputation that preceded me… which did most of the work for me in terms of attracting and intriguing her to me.

However, with other women like Miranda, Tali or Samara, I had to talk to them.  I had to get personal with them.   I had to get curious about who they were and where they came from.  I had to connect with them.

Even as I connected with them, they wouldn’t see me as more than “just friends” until I embarked on their loyalty mission.

That’s right guys, even in the fantastic world of Mass Effect 2, I had to show the girls that I cared for them by taking on a personal mission with them…. which in itself is really interesting to me:  who wrote the script for this game, huh?  Does he know anything about dating and attraction?  Maybe we should try to learn from him! 😉

That’s what I liked about Mass Effect 2.  In between the crazy fun of blowing stuff up, it depicted romance in a rather realistic manner.

I have guys always ask me what are the steps to attracting women… and it always makes me cringe a bit when I hear that question.  In some ways, you do have steps to take to connect with a woman… but the problem is most guys want a fail-safe step-by-step guide on how to do that.

The reality is… there is no guarantee in anything you do and attraction is a process but most guys only think of the end.  Instead of thinking on what to do to create that process, try to BE that process by leading her into the great adventure of meeting you.

When you allow yourself to go through the process of chatting a woman up,  listening to her, finding commonalities and common things/values to agree on, you connect with her.  That’s really all it takes!  Don’t think so much of the right thing to say or do.

Stop being afraid of what to do.  Think of attracting someone of the opposite sex more as opening yourself up to him or her  Most of the time, I feel that guys are just afraid of the “sharing yourself” part of the process.  They feel vulnerable when they do that.  Maybe they don’t know what to say about themselves… because deep inside, they don’t really believe in themselves, they don’t believe themselves to be worthy of love.  But who you are is what makes you unique and great!  It’s what makes you worth loving… or for the more carnally inclined of you, it’s what makes you worth hooking up with.

It really isn’t that hard!

Just like in the game, you have to put some effort in getting to know the girl… but allow her to get to know you too.

There is something that we ask our members on the David Wygant membership site to do.  We ask them to record themselves on videos.  We want them to see what they project to the world.  By watching yourself, you see yourself in the way others perceive you.

From the way you behave, do you really convey anything positive about  yourself to the women around you?  If you aren’t saying/doing anything interesting, memorable or attractive about yourself, why would women want you?

In the game, it was clear that Shepard did that through action.  He showed the women the kind of man he was by taking on certain missions, making certain kind of decisions for her and the team.  When you took on your love interest’s personal loyalty mission, you showed her what you were made of, what you stood for.  Through your action, you showed her that you cared about her.

That’s what unlocked the future romancing option in the game.

I heard somewhere before that women don’t fall in love with a man.  They fall in love with the idea that the man represent.  I really liked that.  Can you make women fall for the fantasy of you?

So let me ask you guys now, what are you doing today to really attract women to you?  Stop thinking of what to do to get her, to chase her.  How are you living your life to attract the kind of women you want?  What kind of idea are you embodying for the women out there to love you?

Obviously, playing Mass Effect 2 isn’t going to attract the girl you want, unless you meet a video game chick but in the end, what kind of energy are you putting out to the world to attract people to you?

The sex part will come after you put out the “right” behaviors to market your unique coolness factor.  The sex part will come once you decide to take charge of the romantic nature of your relationship with a woman when she starts showing interest in you.  The opportunity for sex always presents itself.  Can you see it?

To be honest with you, that’s the difference between a guy who gets the girl and a guy who doesn’t.  I see more romantic opportunities than most of you guys see from a casual conversation.  I see ways of turning her on all the time.  I see ways to seduce her all the time from the way she tells me about herself, from the way she looks at me, from the way she touches me.

I see little opportunities that are waiting for a guy like you to fully take advantage of.

If you haven’t played it yet, play Mass Effect 2.  You see it clearly.  After the loyalty mission, you have the option to tell your love interest upfront that you didn’t embark on the loyalty mission because you are “friends”.  You embarked on the loyalty mission because you like her.

Do you have the balls to really follow through with your romantic intent for someone?  If not, what are you waiting for?  What are you afraid of?

The reward is so big.  Come on… look at her again.  Look at how beautiful Miranda is.   You can find your own Miranda out there in the real world too!

I have…

Sexy Miranda Lawson in her black leather outfit.  Meow!

Or would you prefer fantasizing after my home made porn of my sexual escapade with her?

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