Love – Your Greatest Challenge And Your Greatest Gift
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Couple in Love

The first time we met, you didn’t know who or what I was.

There was something that called me over.  From first impressions, you seemed nice.  From first impressions, I was fun.

There was an air about you that intrigued me.  Maybe it was the way you talked, the way you looked, the way you smiled, the way you moved.  I do not know.

I was a little hesitant at the beginning.  Would you be worthy of me?  Would you accept me for me?

As I talked to you, you opened up to me, you shared yourself with me, you made me feel relaxed around you, you made me laugh.

Pleasurable sensations tickled my body when I was thinking about you.

As I got to know you, I felt pulled to you by that invisible force.  Was I being hooked by you or were you being hooked by me?

No matter what we did together, you seemed mesmerized by me.  It was as if you were being hypnotized by me.

Every time I laid eyes on you, I electrified the air around you, I made you giggle, I made you feel like a kid inside.

Together, the outside world seemed to disappear.

Late nights together never felt long enough.

Midnight talks only made us long for the next morning when we’d talk again.

Thoughts of you were never ending.  Memories of me were never enough.  Dreams of us were only more enthralling.

Every time I kissed you, you melted inside.  Every time you kissed me, I felt my heart growing to never ending sizes.

Every time we touched, we could hear our hearts palpitate just a bit faster with excitement.

When with you, I could hear you breathing more alive.  When with me, you could hear my heart sometimes skip a beat.

Just being with me made you feel stronger.  Just being with you made me feel invincible, invulnerable.  Somehow we came together magically.  We supported each other.

Together, the stars seemed not so distant.  Together, we could shake the earth.

Truth be told, you were never looking for me.  Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting anything from you either.

Meeting me took you by surprise.  Meeting you could only be seen as a blessing.

As blissful as our time together was, I wasn’t perfect.  I made you struggle.  I made you question your values, your worth, your goals.  I sometimes turned your world upside down.  I made you fear losing me just as I was afraid of you disconnecting from me.

For every time I thought nothing about us could change or go wrong, you challenged my very core, my beliefs, my strength.  I started to doubt myself but you made me learn patience, determination, kindness and faith.

You inspired me to become bigger than life.  I inspired you to never fear again.

Perfection through the lens of imperfection is still perfection. I see bits of me in you just as I see bits of you in me.

Who are you?

Who am I?

We are both one and the same.

I am Love.

I am the love that gives you wings when you feel down just as I am the love that makes you doubt yourself when you feel strong.

You/I are the greatest gift we can give to someone… yet the greatest challenge to one another.

Like a mirror, I am you and you are me.  I am the foe and the ally.

Can you embrace me, just as I am, both the fear and the excitement because it is in my nature…

For I am Love.

… And I can not die.

Love Begets

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