Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles
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Awwwww Valentine’s Day…. everything’s red, everything’s pretty, everything’s shaped in hearts…  Today, some of you may receive a sweet card, a cute text, a teddy bear, even an awesome “happy V-Day” Facebook message.  Some of you may also send flowers to someone, maybe get some yourself… or even have a hot date tonight.

Don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Hearts For Everybody

It’s all beautiful and great… unless you are single!!!

Why is it that all my friends who are single feel so bitter on Valentine’s Day?  They talk about Single Awareness Day (S.A.D) as if it’s a curse.  Some of my friends even call it “Single and Depressed” day… or “Single and Desperate”…

Really people?!?  Valentine’s Day is like any other day, actually it’s better!  You can still meet someone like any other day but the difference is that today, you can have even MORE fun by playing on people feeling… uhmmm “single”? 😛

Don’t be such a downer.  Go out and celebrate love!  Bring love to someone.  You don’t need to have a date to have a great time.  Go find that special someone tonight… or make someone special tonight!!!

Jacob in his previous post wrote a great blog on sexual tension.  Go out and use that.  See how you can attract the opposite sex with just a little look, a little smile… a little flirt of the hand.

If you are the hook-up type, go flirt right now and make someone feel hot and bothered inside.  Hmmm hmmmm hmmmmmm…  Love is sometimes just an excuse for sex anyway 😛

If you are feeling bolder, try even a little dirty talk.  Who said you had to know someone well to let them know the very naughty thoughts that have been running through your mind?

I remember this one time when I haven’t even gone out on a date with this girl yet… I spent an entire evening dirty texting her while she was in class.  She would check her phone every time she heard it vibrate from my incoming message.  Little did she know that the professor started noticing the constant grin she had on her face so he finally asked her:  “Is there something you’d like to share with the class?  Is there something funny?”  Ohhhh man! good times, good times.

There’s a lot of great fun ideas you could play with tonight.

If you are a guy and likes to wear sport coats.  Go buy a single rose, put it in your left pocket and go to your local bar or lounge. Chat up some people… and if you end up liking someone, tell her:

You know… I have a confession to make.  I have this rose… and I’ve been searching all day long for someone worthwhile to give it to.  I think you should have it.

As you say it, get closer to her, let her feel the tension, give her a sly smile and hand over the rose.  See how she responds.

More than likely, she’ll be flattered… she may thank you.

Then if you feel even more daring and dashing, give her the Rhett Butler line:

I just had to… because you look like someone who “should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how.

Ooohhh la la!!!  It’s sexy time!

Rhett Butler seduces Scarlet O'Hara

I’m already hearing some of you go “OMG, so cheesy!”

Well, that’s the point!!!  Today is all about you playing with the idea of love.  Do something different.  Do something fun.  Do something crazy.  If you know how to deliver it, even the cheesiest line can be charming.

I can imagine one of you chatting someone right now.  You are vibing well with him or her.  There’s some sparks.  There’s some chemistry.  Things are moving smoothly but regular conversation is so boring sometimes… so then you say:

“You are so <insert compliment>… I like you.  You can be my boyfriend/girlfriend for the day.  So what are we doing after this?  Should we get married right now or should I just tickle you until you can’t take it anymore?”

Create a little inside joke between you and her.  Role play with each other.

And you’ll be surprised that when two people are simply having fun, sparks usually do tend to fly.  And maybe this year, your Valentine’s Day won’t be so lonely after all.

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