The (Bondage) Girl Who Got Away…
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I saw her from across the room.  She was standing there with a girlfriend of hers.  It seems they were checking the room out, probably looking for cute guys to hover by.  They talked among themselves as if deciding whether to stay on the roof top patio or go back down towards the inside bar.

I chuckled to myself… almost reading their mind from afar.  I think she saw me… and for a few seconds, we just locked eyes.  They talked to each other again.

She was dressed in a black leather sailor outfit.  I think her hair was up.  I can’t quite remember anymore.  Everything around me seems like a blur now.  A few friends of mine were trying to flirt with some scantily clad women.  We were at the Hollywood Bondage Ball after all… my first one too.

Bondage girl

For some reason, my mind was in a daze… I was still breathing in all the hustle and bustle of a world still foreign to me.  I’ve never found myself in a room filled with such openly sexual energy before… the scent of leather… the smell of skin… the clonking of metal strappings and handcuffs… the loud music…

Everything in the room was meant to electrify your senses.

Within seconds of our gaze meeting, she started walking in my direction with her girlfriend leading the way.  I watched almost in slow motion as they parted the sea of people to make way towards me.  Her dark brown hair flowed in the breeze, caressing her open shoulders with each of her steps.  Looking at her from top to bottom, I could see myself get lost admiring her long legs, semi-covered by lacy leather black boots.

I thought for sure her girlfriend was the one coming for me.  She was Asian, dressed like the sexy slave version of Marylyn Monroe, petite and cute with wildly frizzy satin black hair.  Little did she know I usually prefer non-Asian women.

As they pretended to walk past me, I stopped them, started talking to them.  I had nothing in mind to say but somehow, very quickly, I said something that made them laugh.  An acquaintance of mine jumped in the conversation and claimed the Asian girl for himself.  I didn’t object.  My attention was on someone else.

Her and I spoke easily.  I was afraid I might fumble on my words but she seemed shy… almost nervous talking to me.  I didn’t expect that.  She seemed so confident just a few moments ago.  I don’t remember saying anything particularly funny but she kept on chuckling and laughing at my words.  As we kept talking, I made her lean against the cold wall nearby, with my own arm leaning against the wall over her head.  I spoke close to her ears, our face flirting with each other, with cheeks almost touching.

She smelled so delicious.  Her breathing felt warm against my chest.  Her eyes started glistening at me.  I felt the same thing too.  I wanted to taste her lips but held off.  I wanted to linger in the tension we both felt.

She must have felt it too.  Not long after, without warning, she jumped on my neck and kissed me.  Our lips wrestled a few more times, with me sometimes gently sucking and biting her tongue and with her occasionally licking the contour of my mouth.

What magic was at work, I did not know.

Unfortunately, by the end of the night, with no reasonable way of seeing each other again, she was the one who vanished away.  Her name was Whitney.  She was a student from Fresno.  Four years ago, she showed me that when tension is in the air, nothing’s harder to resist… even for two strangers.

I still ponder…  What was it about her?  What was it about me?…


A couple weekends ago, I was discussing the art of first impressions with a client and how much easier it is to attract and go on dates if you learn to create positive first and lasting impressions.  So this week, with time permitting, I’ll try to write various little stories from my own life that will show you that creating good first impressions allows you to influence how people perceive you and therefore how more likely you are to attract the person of your choice.

It’s always easier to attract someone when you set the bar high for yourself rather than setting the bar low and working your way back up.

To quote an ex-girlfriend of mine:

There’s a reason why the saying goes “Love at first sight,” not “Love at first personality!”

Whether you are conscious of it or not, everything you do, say or wear say something about you.  So what are you saying about yourself to the world right now?

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  1. Mami Says:

    Yes, but He saw that the night and day were both good. How can you say that night-time was bad AND completely dark when it had a great lunriamy(moon) shining forth? It wasnt complete darkness. Our night is darker now than when the days were first created, but I believe its reflecting man’s heart to walk in darkness and turn away from our Lord and Savior.

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