When Is Naughty Too Naughty?
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Nothing makes me happier when I have someone wanting to write a guest blog!  The purpose of Kiss N’ Tale is not only for me to share with you guys what I have experienced and observed in the world of dating… but also for you guys to share the funny or interesting sides of finding love.

So if you ever want to share something insightful or comical, don’t hesitate to email me!

Today, I have Cooper wanting to share with you guys a little story.


My girlfriend and I got together as many people do.  I met her via another friend and got to know her casually before I realized I felt something extra with her… there was an extra spark.

We naturally started seeing each other more and more.  Things moved forward from there.  There was a point where desire caught fire and we couldn’t resist fooling around a little bit.

Just as with any new burgeoning relationship, I was wondering exactly how far I could take things, what turned her on, what would get her excited, what would make her want more etc.

I definitely remember some times where awkwardness played a fun role as we figured each other out.  If you’re like me, you prefer things start out less intense instead of too wild, certainly not boring by any means but you can always intensify things up from there.  I like to feel my new partner out at first, ask her questions about what she likes before our naughty intentions completely take over.  I like to say things like, “Where should I kiss you…” and smile as I test her with a little smack on the ass and say, “Yeah, you like that?”

Everyone is naughty, some more than others.  Some won’t allow themselves to wander in the realm of sexual imagination whereas others want things that most of us wouldn’t even dare imagine.  All of that is perfectly fine and I find myself to be somewhere in the middle.  I sometimes chuckle, maybe out of embarrassment, when someone says something dirty but what I’m really thinking is, “Oh yeah baby, bring it on.”

Flirting Whisper

Dirty talk is really the best (and I’m not talking about the lame porn style way either.  That’s just not hot).  If you haven’t done so yet, you’re missing out!  You just have to feel your partner out and see how much she enjoys it and how comfortable she is with it.  Start slow.  Don’t take it too far, try some nibbling with a little love smacking and some vocal “ooo’s”, “ahh’s” and “you like that, don’t you?” I know that dirty talking my girl certainly revs my engine up!  I know she enjoys it too.

Then move up from there… maybe even to full blown verbal role plays.  You can’t be afraid to get a little sexual with your partner.  I know I love to explore my naughty side to excite my lady, but not everyone is like me.  You got to have some class with it and even I have my limits.

For one, you can’t whisper into the ear of every person you meet “Hey baby, I’m so hot right now, what’s your name?.”  For most people, that’d be considered tasteless and for me, I find it very crass, especially since I’m not your one-night-stand kind of guy.

So before you break out some of your own naughty language, try to be at the point with someone where you would consider yourself “dating her.”  It’s so much more fun when you already have that trust and connection first… then, it’s on.

Know your limits too.  It’s funny how a lot of people consider themselves pretty sexual and adventurous and maybe you are an exception but most people can’t take their sexuality past a certain level.

For some, it’s called love making for a reason.  For others, it’s always about fucking.  A good buddy of mine learned his limits the hard way.  He had known this girl for a little while.   She was cute, sweet, and attractive, with a nice personality.  He was really into her and considered her an absolute sweetheart.

One night, after getting to know each other, things started heating up.  Innocent flirting and friendship gave way to kissing and deep eye contact exchanges that clearly said, “Oh yeaaaaaa Baby!”

Things turned sexual very quickly and that’s when it happened…

This girl was naughty, way too naughty for him.

She was smacking him around and grabbing his privates like she had owned them all her life.  She started begging him to smack her around well beyond a level that most people would consider appropriate or even legal.  After a night of steamy naughty raunchy sex, she even told him to release his juice all over her… and as soon they were done, she threw on a shirt on and rolled over to sleep.

Uhhhmmm… shower anyone?  He couldn’t believe it!  How could this girl, so innocent on the outside be so naughty almost to the point of being filthy dirty on the inside?

Still under shock, he immediately lost all attraction for her.  He didn’t feel in control, he felt emasculated.  He couldn’t handle her.

He managed to make it through the night but he didn’t want to stay any longer.  “She was crazy!” he thought.  He called his brother early the next morning asking him to come ASAP!  He sneaked out waiting for his brother and hid on a nearby corner where she hopefully wouldn’t see him on her way to work.

So what’s the morale of the story?

Well… aside from the story hopefully being at least mildly entertaining to you, being naughty is fun and sexy.  Dirty talk can elevate your relationship and sex life to new levels.  Fetishes can too.  However, everyone has his or her limits.

Sometimes, you can take things too far too quick.  Once you’ve established yourself with someone that you’re comfortable with and enjoy being around, be stupid, be goofy, push each other’s limits but remember to keep things within reason (at least initially).

I know most people wouldn’t want to date a prude who would get embarrassed about saying the word “sex “in public but at the same time, most people can’t imagine mixing bruises and lovemaking/fucking in the same sentence either.

Regardless of what turns you on, have fun, be safe and love the one you’re with!

About the Author:  Cooper is passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When he’s not working out he writes about about velashape cellulite treatment, cooking and a myriad of other topics. He’s also active with Sono Bello on Twitter and Sono Bello on Facebook.

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