HBO Girls Season 1 Episode 5 “Hard Being Easy” Review
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I don’t watch a whole lot of TV… but have any of you checked out HBO’s new comedy show “Girls” yet?

If you haven’t, it’s time you do!  I’m totally getting addicted to it and I’m a guy.

“Girls” is a new comedy show that focuses on 4 girls in their 20s living in New York City.  I was pretty skeptical at first but after 5 episodes, I’m hooked.  I’ve turned on a few of my guy friends to it (you know… just to make sure I’m not being crazy) and they are totally fans now.

“Girls” has been likened to “Sex and the City” but with younger characters.  I personally haven’t watched a lot of “Sex and the City,” my only exposure to it being more or less the first “Sex and the City” movie, so I’m not going to compare.

What I will tell you though is that I absolutely LOVE the script and the characters. The script is smart, witty… and the characters very relatable.  “Girls” has a certain voyeuristic quality to it.  You have the occasional sex scene but that’s not the main draw of the show for me.  After each episode, I feel as closer to the characters, as if I’ve known them for a long time. Unlike a lot of other comedies, I like the fact that these characters are growing a little bit after each episode instead of being caricatures of themselves.  I see my friends in them and some of the situations/scenes I’ve watched completely send me flashbacks of my own personal experience with girls.

HBO Girls Poster

I’ve read some criticisms towards the show regarding the lack of racial diversity.  I get it… there’s not a lot of colored people in it but this shouldn’t detract you from enjoying it.  “Girls” offers a unique opportunity for you to glimpse into what women really feel and struggle with when in their 20s… from dating to finding jobs to learning to become more of an adult, you will see a lot of yourself in them.

Since I’m enjoying the show so much, I’ve decided that I’ll make a guy commentary on the show every week (time permitting).  This week, my buddy Evan and I discusses episode 5.  Take a listen.

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