HBO Girls Season 1 Finale (Episode 10) Review
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I have a treat for you today!  Here’s the long overdue guy commentary to the incredible HBO Girls’ season finale!!!

Every week, I keep telling myself that I need to keep the podcast short, but with so much content in each episode, I just can’t seem to do so, especially with this one!  As expected, we were treated to some real surprises in episode 10, aptly entitled “She Did.”  Today, I spend close to an hour going over everything that drove me crazy in the episode and also everything that you can learn about embodying better, more confident behaviors.

Here are some of the topics I cover:

  • How it’s healthier to focus on productive thoughts rather than negative ones like guilt, self doubt, fear, judgment… for you to keep growing personally
  • How having a life philosophy or strong values you stand for can help you create a strong impressions on people.  Are you branding yourself?  Are you creating themes in your life?  What are you saying about yourself to the world?
  • How you can practice spontaneous storytelling by using a word generator
  • Why being overtly sexual only works when you are bold and can follow through with decisively strong intent
  • How to harness your own personal power by meaning the words that you say and by harnessing your edge
  • How keeping your cool ease people into trusting you more, opening up to you and allowing themselves to be led by you
  • How fear is a natural driving force in life and how the way you deal with it defines you
  • How what you say to people reflect how you feel about yourself… and that’s how people will perceive you
  • How to get over fear by taking small steps until you get past the uncomfortable feeling
  • Why you need to be mindful and aware of not only seeing but seizing opportunities when they present themselves

There’s a lot of golden nuggets in here.  Take notes and tell me what else you want to hear.  If you send me an email with questions, I may answer it live on the next podcast!

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