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Do women have a “Girl Code”?  What do you think their “Girl Code” would say?

  • Don’t leave your girlfriend behind to hook up with losers(?)
  • Never pick up the phone when a new suitor first calls you(?)
  • Always keep him wondering(?)

What kind of extravagant rules do you think this “Girl Code” would include?  Let’s hear what you guys can come up with in the comments.

When it comes to guys, you know we have a “Guy Code.”   For many years, I didn’t even know what that was.  I remember in high school and in college watching guys who just seemed to know what to do in social settings, who just knew how to be cool, who just knew what to do with girls.  Is that what the “Guy Code” is:  the secret body of knowledge that all cool guys know?

Well… how does someone learn the “Guy Code” if no one has ever taught him?

MTV Guy Code Logo

Lucky for us, MTV is shedding some light on this most sacred “Guy Code“… and boy it’s funny!  After many years of dating coaching, I watch the show and get amazed at how some of the stuff rings true…. but at the same time, how some of this stuff is so stupid!

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you, just head over to MTV’s website and go watch the new season and once you are done, listen to what I want to share with you.

  • When is farting appropriate when you start dating a girl?  Farting in front of a girl reflects your comfort level with yourself
  • Is lying the same as farting?  Is lying a good thing a relationship?
  • How much foreplay do you need before having sex?  If you define foreplay as the art of arousing women anytime, anywhere, is foreplay an attitude or just the 20-minute process before intercourse?
  • How flirting is really foreplay
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One Response to “The “Foreplay” Podcast”

  1. Kalyan Says:

    I also like a person (Peter in my dremas, no offense meant) using a dildo on themselves. For them to be in control, at their pace, their depth, their position, their pleasure.

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