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It seems I’ve been setup for a double date tonight. ¬†I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on a double date… so this should be more than fun ūüôā

Unlike many guys, I never take blind dates very seriously. ¬†I mean come on… why would anyone put so much importance on meeting someone you know nothing about? ¬†I don’t know if I’d find the person physically attractive, I don’t know if she’s interesting, I don’t even know if she’d be fun to hang around, let alone talk to! ¬†Shoot… she might not even care about meeting me! (but that’s where her mistake would be, right?)

The Joys of Double Dating

Yet that doesn’t stop me from planning with my friend where we would take the girls. ¬†Your plan doesn’t have to be anything fancy but you should have a plan. ¬†And if there is one complaint I hear from women all the time, that is it! ¬†“Guys are lazy. ¬†They never plan dates anymore.” ¬†Just last week, one of my friends shared with me how her girlfriend lamented that what all guys do is this:

Hey, so what do you want to do?

…and they do just that.

Talk about lack of creativity! ¬†So… before I jump into the podcast, I have to give all my brothers a wake-up call. ¬†Dating is supposed to be fun! ¬†And a lot of fun comes from you planning it. ¬†Granted, you know nothing about the girl, the girl might be a total bust too! ¬†And that’s when I hear most guys go “So why should I even try?”

That’s where I’m here to tell you you are dead wrong! ¬†Just because you might not have chemistry with the woman, just because you know nothing about her doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. ¬†The date is going to be fun because you planned something fun, regardless of who or what your company is like. ¬†It’s going to be fun because YOU are fun!

Remember, planning a date is your opportunity to create adventures with someone. ¬†The adventure may not go the way you planned but that’s what makes it even more exciting. ¬†Women CRAVE that sense of adventure. ¬†They CRAVE a man who seems to be on purpose. ¬†So give it to them. ¬†Planning a date is the first step to showing all these attractive traits. ¬†So please guys, don’t shy away from planning dates.

Thinking beyond the first date: ¬†if you can make good things happen when she’s around you, do you think she’d hesitate to go out with you again?

So trust me on this guys, plan your dates! ¬†My only additional advice is: ¬†don’t plan something too involving for the first date. ¬†Keep it light, keep it casual, keep it fun and let things play out. ¬†You may be surprised how much fun and easier going out with women becomes then.

Now, onto the podcast. ¬†This week, I discuss topics inspired by MTV’s Guy Code episode 7:

  • Is shopping all that bad for guys?
  • Why it’s important to change and update your clothing style every few years to match the identity you are trying to convey to the world
  • How shopping is a great opportunity to tap into the connection and sexuality you ¬†have with a woman
  • How playing stylist with a woman can get you to break the physical barrier with her
  • How you can overcome or at least get comfortable with rejection by reframing your thought process and approach
  • Why rejection is actually good for you because it is a time management and feedback tool to your growth
  • Why being a freshman in college is the perfect time for you to learn how to talk to women
  • Why you should go to class early and stay after class for the sole purpose meeting more people
  • Why getting the phone number is the easiest thing to do in college
  • Why getting good at flirting is an open gateway to getting the things you want, including friends with benefits

As always, leave comments with stories you’ve had of your own. ¬†For example: ¬†what is the worst rejection you’ve faced… and have you ever won over a woman who’s rejected you before?

MTV Guy Code Rejected

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