The “Moving In, How to Setup Your Bachelor Pad and How to Foster Brothers in Your Life” Podcast
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Last weekend must have been the strangest combination of good and bad luck I’ve had in a while.

The good part is:  Evan had a more than excellent birthday where we somehow happened to meet Madeline Zima from Californication.  I don’t get easily star struck so don’t expect crazy stories about her from me right now, but just from exchanging a few friendly words with her while offering her mini cupcakes from the Vanilla Bake Shop, I can tell you that she seems like a total sweetheart.

More cupcakes, Madeline? 🙂

Yes, she’s tall, yes, she’s pretty but that’s not what struck me.  Doing what I do for a living, I evaluate people a lot on their vibe rather than their words and Madeline probably comes across as one of the most down to Earth (and sane) and fun loving person in the entertainment industry I’ve met so far.  I know that on Californication, she portrays a very seductive character but I have to say, her attractiveness most likely comes from her confident “easy going-ness” and approachability.

Madeline Zima (Californication Season 2)
In case you are too lazy to search her up, this is Madeline Zima

I am sure that compared to most other (hot) actresses, she’s one of the few that most guys could imagine themselves “getting.”  In dating, there is something to be said about coming across as “attainable.”  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, make sure you read the article I wrote a while back on that topic.  (By the way, yes, I do like the way she carries herself.  Yes, I think her name is lovely since I have a penchant for most things French and no, I did not flirt with her LOL)

On the bad luck side, my friend Thuy got a flat tire (which yours truly fixed for her)… and then I got myself into a small fender bender.  Argh!!!  My car’s hood is all bent out of shape and my left corner light popped out.  Sigh…

However, THAT doesn’t mean you don’t get a podcast today and today, we are talking about topics inspired by MTV’s Guy Code episode 9!

  • Is moving in with your significant other a good thing?  And if so, when?
  • Are women messier than men?
  • Why your decision to have your partner move in needs to feel good and right to you (and her)
  • Does moving in prior to marriage dilutes the feeling of finally “being together” once married?
  • How to setup your apartment for maximum dating success
  • The importance of  having something to do at your place to make it comfortable for people to stay
  • How ambient lighting can be used to “force” people to get more intimate during your party
  • Why you should develop a strong circle of “brothers” for you to grow as a man, both in your dating and non-dating endeavors
  • Why sometimes… you need to cut the people who are are holding you back out of your life for you to achieve what you want to achieve
  • And yes… men do gossip

Remember, I always welcome your comments and questions.  If you have a dating situation you want to run by me, if you have an interesting story to share, send me an email!

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