When Is the Right Time to Sleep with Someone (Podcast)
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If you haven’t been following my blog lately, the Charming Rogue audio program was released last month.  If you feel you have problems with attracting women because you don’t know what to say, you don’t know how to be playful and flirty, you don’t know how to grab her attention or keep her interested, maybe it’s time you get some help!


Today, instead of starting my HBO Girls commentary right away, I decided to answer some more questions from my readers.  I usually focus on guys’ issues but this time, I decided to answer two great questions from women.

  1. Is it safe for me to sleep with a guy after 2 months of dating?  In short, when is the right time to sleep with someone?
  2. How do you deal with a guy that goes soft in the middle of sex?  Is it me?  Is there something I can do?

My answers my surprise you.

Unlike generic dating advice that you may find in Cosmo, I dig deep into the root of the issue and give you specific steps and reasons you need to take into consideration before you come to your own conclusions.

  • For example, are you looking for a relationship or something just for fun?
  • Do you use sex as a bargaining tool in the relationship?  And if so, why this may be actually detrimental to the loving relationship you are trying to build
  • How do you view the role of sex in a relationship?
  • Why your attitude towards sex will dictate how successful you will become in your relationship
  • Why how much respect you have for someone is what determines whether sleeping with someone early becomes a hook-up or not
  • How waiting for sex too long can actually create pressure to perform the first time you hook up
  • How you can alleviate sexual performance anxieties by focusing away from genital stimulation
  • And much more…

A lot of times, the answer will become clear to you if you understand what you truly value in the current relationship.  So without further ado, listen to what I say to these women.



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