Charming Rogue: Becoming The Charming, Playful, Witty, Seductive Man of Her Dreams


Charming Rogue is a 2 parts audio series with a little over an hour and half worth of content on how to make yourself the  charming, playful, witty and seductive man of her dreams.

I know you’ve asked yourself that dreaded question before:

How do I become more funny?
How do I get women to notice me?
How do I get girls to like me?

Even worse,

How do I keep her interested in me?

If there is one thing you can do to start attracting women in your life TODAY, it’s in the way you talk to them.

Changing how much money you make, how good you look, the kind of house or car you drive is going to take time, way more time than you have right now to start seeing some results.


As such, in this audio, I choose to share with you the fastest, easiest and most effective phrases, attitudes and techniques you can use to spark a little bit of intrigue in the woman you’ve been eyeing all this time.

Chapter 1 is an introduction where I interview a comedy writer about the role of humor in interacting with new people

Chapter 2 is where I lay out all the attitudes, phrases and techniques you can use to become a charming, witty, playful and witty conversationalist.



Women like confident men.

You’ve heard it. You know it, yet here you are, on a dating advice website, looking for answers on how to be that guy.

There’s no doubt that confidence is the biggest attractive quality for men to attract women. But once again, confidence is something you develop over time.

What I want most for you is to be happy. And happy right now means being able to see a little bit of result.

What a lot of dating gurus forget is that before even liking men who are confident, women like men who are fun. Women want adventures. Women want to have stories to tell.

This audio is NOT about everything you can do to attract women. This audio is not about where to meet women or where to take them on dates. In this audio, I assume you can already talk to women or at least, that you can start a conversation with them.

This audio is simply about what you can do once you start the conversation with them. This audio is about how you can spark her curiosity and her desire for you by the way you talk to her.

If you can make her feel good around you, if you can show how fun you are in the way you talk to her, you will stand out from all other guys she’s ever talked to before and as such, she’ll be more attracted to you.

Deep inside, you are a great, cool, fun guy! It’s time for her to see it! And by applying some of the techniques I share with you in this audio, you can ensure that she actually sees that.



Charming Rogue is for any guy who wants a quick, straightforward no fluff answer on the simplest, most effective verbal phrases and attitudes I have used to attract women.

It’s for someone who’s ready to take control of how they attract women because…

…It’s about how I flirt with women and how you can do the same too!

These are not lines. These are simply verbal constructs or mental themes you can use in your conversation with women to spark interest in them for you.

Whether you are beginner or advanced in your ability to meet women, this audio can only help you improve your own natural flirting skills.



Monthly unlimited coaching is my most popular program option when I work with a new client. During that month, I typically review all texts and communications the guy has with women.

What I show him is how what he says can spark different types of emotions in her. I tweak his texts, I tweak what he says to her in between dates, I tweak how he responds to the questions she asks him so that she gets more attracted to him.

Everything I tweak for him is based on who he is as a person and where he wants to take the interaction with the woman. Nothing I give him is prefabricated or stock lines read from somewhere else.

After a while, my client develops a natural instinct of where to take the women emotionally in conversation.

This audio program is the overview of all the techniques, phrases and attitudes I have used to help my clients. If I can’t help you personally, I hope this audio program can get you even a little bit closer to attracting the woman of your dreams.



Once you take the time to apply every technique I have shared with you on this audio, you can expect to be more relaxed and have more fun in your conversations with women.

Women will see you as a more fun, playful, charming, witty and attractive man. Especially if you use the sexual innuendos, they’ll see you as more desirable and will want to hang out with you all the time.

This audio is the verbal foundation for creating and starting an amazing dating life.



I’m not here to manipulate you into buying my program.  If you like what you’ve read so far, you can download “Charming Rogue” for the price of about two bottles of beers at the bar including tip.

Right now, that will set you back a mere $18.95.  No more, no less, no monthly subscription tie-in tricks.

What else do you really need to know besides clicking the button below…

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