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There are 2 ways for you to contribute to Kiss N’ Tale.  You can:

  1. write a guest article for the blog
  2. show your support through donations

The easiest and fastest way to contribute to the blog is to donate by clicking the button below.  Everything I write on here is done on my own free time.  Each of your donations help cover the cost of running the server and the various expenses I incur as I try to produce the best available PUA-related free content for you guys.

I personally prefer if you’d choose to share the insights and experiences you’ve gained through the Seduction Community  by writing an article for the blog but I know it takes more time to do so.  However, if you are willing to write a story for Kiss N’ Tale, keep reading below:

What I’m looking for
I am always looking for quality content (articles, podcasts and videos).  The purpose of Kiss N’ Tale is to help men and women better understand and apply the techniques, philosophies and practices of the Seduction Community to their normal social, dating and sex life.  I want men and women to better connect with the opposite sex by leveraging their natural attractiveness as much as possible.

If your article can refute or bring new insights and realizations to the common wisdom of the Pick-Up Artists (PUAs), I want to hear from you. 

If your unique experience can challenge the Seduction Community to drop its bad practices, I want to hear from you.

If you can demystify negative dating and sex stereotypes, I-want-to-hear-from-you.

What I’m not looking for
There are plenty of people out there with the latest tips and tricks to “get the guy/girl” so I’m not going to focus on that.  Kiss N’ Tale is here to evaluate what is healthy and ethical for your long-term growth as a highly attractive and confident man or woman.

I am neither looking for Field/Lay Reports, nor marketing ploys.  I do not publish anything that has been previously posted anywhere else. 

What you write counts.

How to write an article for Kiss N’ Tale
Present a clear point with a well-balanced structure.  Keep the purpose of the blog in mind.  Write boldly and in your own voice.  If you have any, verify your information and cite your sources.

How to submit an article for consideration
Please use the email me form to tell me what you want to write about.  I try to respond to all emails within 24-48 hours.  When possible, have a rough draft or outline ready.  It will help me make a quicker decision.

Why contribute to Kiss N’ Tale?
It’s simple.  It’s fun.  You are unique and you deserve the recognition.  There are no set rules in social interactions and you don’t have to follow ONE guru or method.  No matter what your level is in attraction/seduction, you can be your own expert and help others become better at it.

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