I will add recommendations as I discover new products that I feel will be helpful and healthy to your growth as an attractive man and masterful lover.


David Wygant: If you want to see a true natural at work, this is who you want to learn from. David is the sheer embodiment of charisma and masculinity. After a bootcamp with him, you’ll realize how normal and easy it is to talk to people during the day and how to convey yourself powerfully to attract the women that you want in your life. Everything David teaches revolves on building the lifestyle that allows you to do more of the things that you love, attract the people in your life without chasing them, and building experiences that develops your true core confidence so you can truly enjoy and live your life in the moment.

From what I have seen so far, David is the best at getting you out of your head so that you can start flowing and acting on your desires.

If you want to get a feel of how he is, read my impressions of him when I met him for the first time.  David really believes in developing a strong sense of self so that you can start trusting your masculine instincts.  You can hear/read him speak about it in my 2 posts on what it means to be a man (part 1 and part 2).

EDIT 04/02/09:  I’ve been working with David for a little over a year now, helping him coach men and women on being socially more powerful and helping them improve their dating situation.  I’m very proud that I believe that our programs are among the best there is out there.  We are not about teaching you tricks to meet the opposite sex.  Everything you need to know is already in you.  However, we just help you uncover and recognize how you present yourself to the world… and how you can relate to the world better.  It’s about gaining self awareness and awareness of what the opposite sex wants.

There is no shortcut in life and in the end, you truly attract what you project.  So if you are a tiny bit curious on how you can grow as a social and sexual person, email me and I’ll explain what we do more in depth to you.


– Charisma Arts’ “How to Meet And Connect With Women” breaks down how to carry good and genuine conversations. Most guys forgets to relate and make proper statements before asking questions. You don’t want to be the guy who bores the girl because he interviews her. You want to be the guy who knows how to connect with her on an emotional level and how you make her feel good through the emotions you bring out in your stories.

– In10se’s “October Man“: I know this audio product is marketed as a seduction technique but for me, I got the most out of it by paying attention to how he uses emotions to lead the woman’s mind into seduction. It also helped me understand how amplifying a topic by letting the woman go deeper on a subject when she describes it affects her emotional state.

Master the Vibe is a great monthly audio serie that show you how easy it is to talk to and attract women. You can hear how conversations don’t have to be crazy or flashy and how good normal, interesting and flirty conversations are conducted.


David Wygant’s Mastery Series For Men: David Wygant has a newly updated 10-part audio series that breaks down how you can be more successful in your dating life. David teaches an all-natural style. There is no line, no routines, no pickups. It’s about creating a lifestyle that helps you meet and find the women you LIKE. He covers everything from openers to fashion to conversation and how to be playful. Short of you taking a bootcamp with David, this is the best David has to offer. Part 9 is actually quite inspirational as it wraps everything up in explaining how you should live your life as if there was no tomorrow and part 10 gives you a glimpse of the kind of discussions we have during bootcamps.

Conquer Your Campus: In this e-book, Mark Redman tells you everything you need to know to become the stud on your college campus, from how to throw a party, to what kind of things you can say to start a conversation in class, to how to use facebook to contact a girl… Read my review here.

– Vin DiCarlo’s Attraction Code: Vin’s newest e-book tells you how to properly THINK about attraction. If you understand the right behaviors that women find attractive, you can attract them no matter what kind of seduction technique or method you use. You can read my review here.


– David Shade’s “How to give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms“, “Hot Phone Sex” and “Art of Dirty Talk” teach you everything you need to know to become a masterful lover. What is significant about his body of work is that he goes in depth in showing you how psychological arousal is much more powerful than physical arousal. With a minimum of physical stimulation competency and a strong understanding of how to use dirty sexy talk to lead the woman’s mind into surrendering herself to pleasure, you can become the best lover she’s ever had.

David Shade is also one of the very few guys who clearly explains the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms. He is a big proponent of you exploring the woman’s deep spot (her anterior and posterior fornix) to help her experience her very first vaginal orgasm.

After reading his material, I got a much better understanding of what is truly important in pick-up and how every technique out there affects her sexual arousal.

– Similarly to David Shade, Daniel Rose’s “Sex God Method” explains in a very easy to remember manner the major themes to get your woman aroused psychologically. His explaination of the use of dirty talk is much more structured than David Shade’s and makes it easy for you to know in which direction you should go with your dirty talk.

– Lee Jenkins’ “Female Orgasm Black Book” is hands down the best summary of everything I’ve ever read on physical stimulation. You get plenty of charts and diagrams to explain how to do a massage, how to go down on a woman, how to finger… etc. Lee Jenkins also takes an immense amount of time explaining what happens to the woman’s body physically as she starts getting aroused: what are the physiological changes in her nipples’ shapes, what happens to her labia and how does the inside of her vagina expands when aroused… etc.


– Steve Piccus’ White Tiger Tantra goes in depth on how you can help your woman experience squirting orgasms.  He shows you all the proper massaging work needed to enhance her blood flow and then demonstrates the various fingering techniques that will stimulate her g-spot for squirting orgasms. On DVD 3, you can also watch a good 1-hr long Swedish massage tutorial.

– Ideagasms’ Squirting DVD is a shorter version of Steve Piccu’s White Tiger Tantra.  In this 1-hr video, he shows you the massage and the basic fingering technique used for female ejaculatory orgasms but does not cover the other fingering gestures and does not explain what happens anatomically to the woman during stimulation.

Secrets of The Sexual Surrogate: For newbies, this is a good video with plenty of tips on how to touch and please a woman.  The sexual surrogate teaches the man how to rub and suck on her nipples, how to massage the vulva, how to add small variations to the basic missionary, doggy and cowgirl positions to enhance her pleasure.

Ultimate Female Ecstasy: This video was fun because you had 4 women demonstrating what they find pleasurable.  It covers most erogeneous zones including the g-spot, the clitoris and the nipples and much more.


Lie With me Lie With Me: This is an independent movie that incorporates non-simulated sex scenes. What I really liked about this movie is the sexual tension that is depicted between David (Eric Balfour) and Leila (Lauren Lee Smith) during the first 30 minutes of the film.

People typically forget that non-verbal attraction can be much more powerful than verbal attraction. The movie explores the raw relationship that David and Leila have when the two obviously enjoy sex but have trouble communicating to each other.
Roger Dodger: Roger (Campbell Scott) is a smooth talking advertising executive. His nephew Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) joins him in Manhattan and asks him for lessons Buy Roger Dodger from Amazon.comon how to pick-up women. Roger willingly takes Nick under his wing but as Roger gets dumped by his older lover who also happens to be his boss, he ends up using Nick as a prop to enhance his nightly rampage in the pursuit of sex.

Overall, I had very mixed feelings about the movie. The acting was great. You can learn a lot about body language and the use of wit in seduction by observing Roger going about his daily life but I wasn’t sure if I really bonded with him on a personal level. To me, the important part of the movie was the concluding reminder that the relentless pursuit of sex without love or fulfillment is a dark and empty endeavor, which I can bet some PUAs find themselves drowned in.

Swingers: This movie is a CLASSIC! I would recommend watching it just for its sheer comedic value. However, truth be told, you can learn a lot from this movie.

Buy Swingers from“You are MONEY and you don’t even know it!”

This line alone summarizes the biggest problem with guys entering the Seduction Community. Most guys don’t really believe in themselves. They don’t see how much they have to offer so they go searching for techniques that are… in the end… sometimes superfluous.

Other than that, you can also watch how neediness is highly unattractive and how having fun, enjoying yourself is the best aphrodisiac out there to date.

Peaceful Warrior:  Cinematographically speaking, this movie isn’t that great.  It wouldn’t win any best performing actor or best picture of the year awards any time soon.  However, the story was very inspiring.  

Buy Peaceful Warrior DVD from Amazon.comThe story revolves around an olympics-bound gymnast who struggles with impatience and ego when he gets into a motorcycle accident that leaves him unable to compete.  By chance, he meets his mentor “Socrates” who helps him realize the true meaning of winning and empowers him with a new-found purpose.

I enjoyed this movie because it reminded me of the importance of paying attention to the small details and living life with real intent.  “There is no ordinary moments.”  When we learn to live in the moment, when we learn to appreciate the things around us, we notice how simple most things are.  This mindset is very applicable to meeting women.  We have to learn to pay more attention to listening and being/creating the moment with the woman in front of us, rather than worrying about the outcome (usually getting sex).

Since I haven’t read Dan Millman’s The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior from which the movie was based on, I can’t judge on how faithful the movie is to the book.  However, I still recommend the movie for the message it puts forth.

The Tao of Steve:  Overweight and slacker kindergarden teacher Dex has an uncanny ability to bed women.  He’s not wealthy nor is he particularly good looking.  He just have a little bit of charm and can spurt out philosophy quotes as if it was the latest gossip news when he’s playing poker with his friends or getting high.

When one of his friends needs girl advice, he shares with him his Tao of Steve:  1.  

– Hitch

– Wedding Crashers

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