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Is She Into You or Is She Just Being Friendly? (Podcast)
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You’ve known her for a while.

She’s that friend of yours that always seem to be happy and smiling.  You don’t know why but you guys never dated.

Sure, you hang out.  You always laugh a lot together.  You know each other like the back of your hand.

And when it comes to romance, she’s always had a boyfriend or some guy she’s dating.  Or when she was actually available, you were involved with someone else.

Funny thing is… it feels so comfortable to be around her.  You can catch her looking at you that way sometimes.  Sometimes, you flirt back with her.  But she’s your friend, isn’t she?

There's something missing in my heart

In this podcast, Evan and I discusses all the signs that a woman may give to show you romantic interest.  If you’ve ever struggled in understanding women’s intentions towards you, this is a must-listen!

  • What I learned from watching “The Science of Lust” on YouTube
  • How the feeling behind the type of physical touching you have with someone could indicate romantic interest
  • How women who like you will always use verbal flirting hints to show interest in you
  • Why women who like you may be initiating and supportive of the things that are important to you in your life
  • The only mindset trick you need to live by to avoid having to ever wonder if a woman likes you
  • Why you need to view attraction as a process instead of a feeling
  • Why being the initiator is your biggest advantage in dating

So if you are in a situation where you don’t know if someone likes you or not, instead of waiting, ask them out.  If you are afraid to ask, I need to ask you:  why wouldn’t they want to be with you?  Aren’t you the best there is?

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