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Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Dating Life – Podcast
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Most dating advice focuses mostly on one thing:  what do you need to change, in yourself, to attract the love of your life.

For men, pick-up advice focuses a lot on what to say and what to do to make your personality more attractive to women.

For women, a lot of dating advice zones in on how they can make themselves look more appealing through fashion and make-up tips.  In addition, they also suggest how women need to change the way they think about men to find the right man.

All this inner change talk is mostly healthy.  Taking full responsibility for your shortcomings is a necessary step to improving that aspect of your life.

However, I also find plenty of issues with too much “inner change” talk.

The problem with “self-help” advice is that it keeps you in the mode of “I’m not good enough.”  There’s always something for you to fix or improve about yourself.

And when it comes down to your romantic life, you know as well as I do that:

You are the most attractive when you feel the most confident and happiest about yourself.

So today, let me ask you simple question:  are you really that bad?

Are you so bad that you can’t find someone to go on a date with you… to hook-up with you… to love you?

When are you going to be enough?

On today’s show, Evan and I discuss the most common lifestyle, social habits and presentation issues people have that hinders their romantic successes.

Most of these issues are external (meaning you don’t need to do a lot of internal change to benefit from it).  As such, they are easy to implement.  You just have to choose to do so.

Have a listen.  Topics covered include:

  • Is your place ready to have guests over?
    • Thing you can add to your home to create conversational pieces
    • Ways you can arrange things to encourage guests to linger and stay over
    • Why location is important to maximize your dating success
  • Do you have a social life and is it reflective of the dating goals you have?
    • Why a social life helps you tell stories to captivate your targeted audience
  • Why group outings alone won’t help you find your next boyfriend or girlfriend
    • How 1-on-1 outings help you practice flirting and builds intimacy, whether you are just friends or more
  • Why being a man gives you a competitive edge in choosing who to date
  • The basic steps of meeting to going on dates
  • The importance of creating a sexual romantic vibe by showing interest
  • The simple trick to remove self-doubt and act with conviction
  • What you need to play up to intrigue your targeted romantic interest
    • How dressing up like your closest archetype is an easy way to attract
    • Why challenging and calling people out draws positive attention to you

As usual, I welcome suggestions.  If there are other things you think people can do to improve their dating situation, write them below in the comments.

And after implementing all these ideas into your love life and you still have problems, contact me.  You’d be surprised that a quick phone consultation with me could be the fastest solution to your issue.

Until next time, have a great weekend!


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The Ultimate “How to Flirt” Podcast
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This week, I’m super excited as I have a real treat for you.  You are in for a full hour’s worth of tips on how to improve your flirting!

That’s right!  Are you tired of not knowing what to say to women?

Have you had women not go out with you because they thought you’d be boring?

Do you want to know how you can get women more attracted to you by the way you talk to them?

This is the week when I share with you the very techniques I use when I go out talking with women.   Instead of going over all the topics that MTV Guy Code episode 12 had, I focus all of this hour to talk about flirting.

It’s time to get it on!

In this podcast, I talk about:

  • What is flirting?
  • How to create a flirty smile
  • What you can do to make yourself noticed
  • What should your flirty smile say to a girl
  • The right way to make the girl laugh from the tension she feels with you
  • How making flirting a part of your daily life can dramatically make your dating life easier
  • The techniques you can learn to improve your flirting skills:
    • misinterpretation
    • sensory storytelling
    • unique playful questions and teases
    • roleplaying
    • use of long pauses
    • challenges and dares
    • sexual innuendos
    • dirty talk
  • Best way to turn a woman on
  • The biggest mood killer

As you listen to this podcast over and over again, make sure to take notes because I want you to take this week to go out and practice!  Once you do, make sure to come back and post some stories in the comments.

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