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7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Los Angeles
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Whether you and your sweetie bicker like an old married couple or you are still lovey dovey eyes for each other, you’ve all felt the pressure of cooking up memorable and romantic Valentine’s Day plans.

When everyone is out trying the same recycled ideas you have done and read for years, how do you plan something original, sweet and not necessarily and extravagantly expensive?

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you know that the best dates are the ones that:

  1. Keep a little element of surprise or at least allows him/her to experience the feeling of something unexpected or “new”
  2. Keep the energy going and the body moving (this is why I always recommend interactive activity dates and having more than one location/environment to go to in one date)
  3. Shows thoughtfulness, meaning or relevance because you remembered something about them

Dates are about stories. How would your sweetie retell the story of what you guys did together to his or her friends.

Today, Thuy shares her 7 Valentine’s Day date ideas if you live in Los Angeles or Orange County.



Valentine’s Day is here!!! What to do, what to do, what to do?

Should you stick to the safe bet and make reservations at a fancy restaurant and buy her a bouquet of flowers?

No… impossible. Every other guy is doing the same thing!

Planning dates in LA on Valentine’s Day must be the worse.  Traffic on that day alone can take up to two hours to get anywhere. That surely will kill any romantic vibes you were trying to set.

You can’t order off the regular menu and the prix fixe menu is completely overpriced. There are hundreds of other couples to wait on so service is bad. You can’t talk intimately to your sweetheart because you’re elbow to elbow with the table next you. I’m cringing at the thought already.

Personally, I don’t like to go out on Valentine’s Day. If you have a gift, exchanging them to each other on that day is great but reserve the outing for a less crowded day.

One year, my sweetheart and I chose to go out the Monday after Valentine’s Day, President’s Day.

I gave him a big hint on where I wanted to go for dinner and like the good guy that he was, he made the reservations.

“Perfect,” I said.  “Meet me at the parking structure two hours before dinner.”

He seemed skeptical but I claimed I wanted to walk and catch the sunset before dinner. It made sense. The restaurant was near the pier.

We met in front of the parking structure as planned. I led the way. Unbeknownst to him, I made a couple’s massage appointment for us. After the relaxing massage, we laid out on their rooftop deck in our robes. We were the only couple up there, which made it even more special when we gave each other personal massages as we watched the sun set over the ocean.

After we cleaned ourselves up, we walked to our restaurant. Being Monday, wine bottles were half off and we had the whole patio area to ourselves!

We sat in the booth with a bunch of pillows, caressing and kissing each other. There was no crowd, no rush, no chaos. It was like we had our own private oasis.

None of that could have happened if we had planned our outing on Valentine’s Day.

While I love a decadent dinner and a nice stroll on the beach as much as anyone, I understand that the basic romantic dinner may have gotten stale for you.  So let me start out with some twists on the same old, standard ideas and continue with more arousing date ideas:

1.  Give Her the Moon and Stars

Free public star parties are held monthly at the Griffith Observatory from 2pm to 9:45pm. They give patrons the opportunity to look at the sun, moon, visible planets, and other objects, to try out a variety of telescopes, and to talk to knowledgeable amateur astronomers about the sky and their equipment.

Griffith Observatory

Take her on Saturday, February 16th, and give her a kiss underneath the stars

2.  Serenade Her

You’ve lost that loving feeling? Get it back by singing to her! Get a NRB (Noraebang), aka “private song room”, at one of the many Karaoke bars in Koreatown. Many serve alcohol. Some are BYOB. Prices usually start from $20 an hour for a small room.

Enjoy some Korean bbq beforehand or if you don’t want to be stinky to your sweetie, go to the popular gastropub Beer Belly.

Private dance optional.

3.  Dinner and a Movie

Bring a little nostalgia to the night by taking her to a drive-in. Electric Dusk Drive-In in downtown LA has a special showing of “When Harry Met Sally” on Valentine’s Day at 8pm.Get the Valentine’s package, which includes two tickets, a dozen roses, and a box of candy of your choice.

Electric Dusk Drive-In

Or enjoy some cocktails and entrees as you watch that latest rom-com with your honey.

AMC recently opened its very first dine-in theatre in Marina del Rey. Right now, you can enjoy a free entrée with the purchase of an entrée and two drinks.

4.  Take Her on a Heart-Pumping Adventure

Your palms sweat. Your heart pounds so fast you can feel it in your mouth. Is this fear-induced arousal or sexual attraction? Many times, the brain can’t even tell the difference.There was a scientific research experiment in which many of the candidates who walked across a shaky bridge, then accidentally attributed their fear-based arousal to attraction.So if you want to induce a girl to feel the hots for you, take her on a wild ride!

5.  Give her the world

Or at least a sweeping view of Orange County…The Great Park Balloon holds up to 25 to 30 passengers and soars up to 400 feet. The rides are free. They are open during the day and in the evening too, if you want to have a view of the city lights.

If you go on Sunday, you can make a day out of it by going to the Farmers Market and have a picnic at the park.

Great Balloon Park in Irvine, CA

6.  Baby, it’s cold outside

Weather is bad so you two don’t want to venture outside? Instead of take out and a movie rental, why not make it an indoor picnic? Clear out your living room floor. Place a blanket and have some wine and cheese with your honey. Then, play a game of Twister or some other contact-sport. 😉

Nice, warm bubble bath are always a hit. Get some hand made bath bombs at Lush. They have one specifically called “Sex Bomb” to get you in the mood.

There are some waterproof sex toys from Jimmy Jane you can add into the mix too. If you don’t want it to get too sappy and romantic, bring out the rubber duckies and squirt guns!

7.  Give the gift that keeps on giving

Getting a couple’s massage is great but it’s an indulgence that you can only have every once in awhile. Why not indulge each other more often by learning how to give one to each other? Living Social currently has a deal for a two-hour couple’s massage class. Get it before it’s gone!

Here are some other locations that offer massage classed for two:

Trilogy Spa

Lastly, if you want your Valentine’s Day to feel special and original, make it personal!

How quickly we forget this fact.

What did you two do on your first date? Was it just a coffee date? Be her Starbucks barista and bring her a latte and a scone for breakfast in bed.

Met her around Halloween? Instead of giving her a heart-shaped box of chocolates, give her a jack-o-lantern filled with chocolates.

What was the dessert that you both had on one date that made her swoon? It doesn’t matter if it seems cheesy to you. What matters is that it brings a smile on her face. You remembered the little things. You are flooding her with fond memories that you’ve built together.

If you can do that along with introducing her to a new experience on Valentine’s, I can bet that whatever happens after will be even better.


Whatever you end up doing for Valentine’s Day, share your stories and tell us how your sweetie reacted! 

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The “Maximizing Your Chances to Hook-Up” Podcast
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Alright!  Today is a special podcast on everyone’s favorite topic:  HOOKING UP!!!!

MTV Guy Code special “Hook-Up” episode spent a big deal of time on topics already covered in previous episodes (e.g. flirting, friend zone, foreplay, friends with benefits, morning after) and instead of rehashing the same thing, I thought I’d go more in depth on the topic with you guys.

Particularly, I want to go over the most important thing you need to know about hooking up:  keeping things moving forward.

For some guys, this may come as a shock to you… but hooking-up is not that hard!  Most women KNOW this already.  Why don’t you?

Not to brag, my fastest “meeting to make-out” time has been about 15-20 minutes.  If other logistical issues were not present, I’m pretty sure it would have gone all the way that night within the hour.

My fastest client’s time “from meeting to blow job” was about 10 minutes.  That was in New York… at a bar/lounge, near the bathroom line.

This week, another former client’s time going “from meeting to sex” has been 2-3 hours, broken up in 2 days.

45 minutes were spent the first day chatting up the girl he just met randomly during the day and helping her with an errand.  An hour was spent in the evening text flirting with her.  15 minutes were spent the next morning setting up a time to meet.  20-35 minutes were spent chatting and getting comfortable with each other… until all clothes dropped.

Another female friend of mine hooked up with a guy within 2-3 hours of meeting him in person (though they did have some texts exchange for a few days prior to that).

I’m not sharing this to impress you.  I’m only sharing this with you to shatter your idea of what’s possible.

Yes, these things happen and just to make it clear, none of the people I’ve mentioned above are what I’d consider “players” or “sluts.”

The biggest mistake guys make with women when it comes to hooking-up is they don’t move fast enough.

“Fast enough?” you ponder….

Yes, exactly.  Call it whatever you will:  pulling the trigger, making your move, getting a home run… but if you want to hook-up, you need to give yourself a straight path to get there.

That’s what moving it forward is about.  You can’t linger too long on one aspect of the interaction without focusing first and foremost on where you want to take the woman emotionally.

  1. You need to make your sexual intent clear (through flirting, through eye contact, through body language… whatever) from the moment you meet her
  2. You need to excite her
  3. You need to move yourself and her in an discreet (isolated) location
  4. You need to make your move and close the deal

Does it sound that complicated?

Regardless of how fast you go through these steps, the central aspect of why you date is to have sex with someone.

Yes I know.  You want someone to love.  You want someone to value you.  You want someone to be your future husband or wife.  You want someone to be a great Dad or Mom.  I want those things too!  But would you want all these things if you already haven’t thought of having a sexy steamy fun time with them in the first place?

Whether you decide to listen to this podcast or not, just learning about how to keep the interaction moving forward can tremendously help your “normal” dating life.

In this show, Evan and I discuss:

  • How do you get people drawn to you?  Intrigued by you?
  • Remembering to find reasons to meet again while keeping the conversations going
  • Examples of how to get people engaged with you through teasing and qualifiers
  • The emotional escalation process you need to walk her through:  chatting, having fun, connecting, showing interest (sexualizing the interaction)
  • The shy and the double-take eye contact to show romantic interest
  • Learning to be comfortable with showing subtle verbal romantic interest with “I like that…”
  • The “falling in love” move
  • The best time to get the phone number
  • Social and physical logistical questions you need to be aware of for a fast hook-up: who did she come with, how did she get here, did she drive, how early does she need to wake up by, does she live alone, where does she live… etc
  • The importance of living close to the kind of activities and women you enjoy to make your logistics easier to manage
  • Planning your dates with logistics in mind to maximize your opportunity to hook-up
  • How long you should spend at each location during your date to keep the energy flowing
  • How to make someone feel like they know you better than they do by keeping the energy on and between the dates varied

There’s a lot of little golden nuggets in this podcast.

Make sure to take notes and above all, apply them TODAY to your dating life.  Even if you are in a relationship, learning to manage the energy flow in your date nights will only improve the sexual attraction you have with your partner.

I encourage you to comment below and if you have any questions, email me.  For people more serious on learning the skills to have an exciting love life, we can discuss coaching options as well.  Until next week, have fun!

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