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Kill The Mood Please…
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I can’t stop laughing.

There are times when you have to admit… we, as humans, are funny.

I want you to imagine something.

Imagine yourself going on a date.  You are dressed all sexy and hot.  You pick up your date and she’s dressed up to the nines.

She’s definitely wanting to turn heads today, in particular, your head.  Her low cut blouse makes your eyes wander towards her plunging cleavage.

Her short shorts emphasize her already beautiful plump bum.

“Control yourself,” your mind tells you.  You can’t make it so obvious that you are checking her out, now can you?

As you come in to give her a hug, you let out a quick compliment.  “Thank you,” she says with her cute little smile.

Her warm body feels good in your arms.  As your chest rests briefly against hers, you take a quick whiff at her neck and silky hair.  She smells good too.  Hmmm… You can feel yourself getting turned on.

Not realizing what has just happened until just now, you hope she doesn’t notice your growing bulge.

She lets you go with an even bigger smile.  “Oh my god!  Did she notice?”

After a quick lunch, you both end up taking a stroll on the beach.  As you walk side by side on the pier towards the sea, she gets cold.  Even though the sky is clear with a powerfully radiant sun shining on, the chilling wind blows strongly.  Like little kids unaware of the sexual implications of a boy and girl holding each other, you stand behind her and wrap your arms around her to keep her warm.

People look at you with funny stares.  You both look like penguins, marching like that, wrapped in each other, towards the diner at the end of the pier but it doesn’t matter to you.  She’s so close to you.  You can smell her intoxicating scent again.  Hmmm…

You feel the urge…

Though you can’t see her face when walking like that, you can sense her smiling.  She likes it.  She’s holding your arms wrapped around her.

Inside, you both share a root beer float sitting next to each other, in a booth overlooking the horizon.  She lets one of your hands roam around her thigh.  She’s laughing at the stupid jokes you tell her.  Hmmm… her body feels so smooth against your hand.

You can’t help but smile.   (more…)

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