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HBO Girls Season 2 Episode 1 Guys’ Commentary
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OK I’m late!  Not only am I late on my weekly podcast, but I’m late on reviewing HBO Girls too!

Well, that sucks for you!  But no really, I’m sorry.  I promise I’ll post a second podcast this week to make it up to you guys.

We start the season with Hannah and Elijah being totally comfortable sharing a bed together as new roommates.  We then quickly discover that Hannah is now dating a black guy and at the same time… still seeing Adam, more out of guilt than anything else.

We then feel bad for Marnie for losing her job but then withness time and time again how conservative and how confused Marnie really is about herself… and her life.  We then end the premiere with watching all our characters come together for a party at Hannah’s house.

As you can expect from HBO Girls by now, there’s more nudity, more drama and more twist and turns than Twister (the board game) itself!

And THIS is why it is so fun to watch Girls.

(Who in here didn’t enjoy watching Elijah’s ass – even if you are a straight guy – but wish we could have seen more of Marnie’s boobs?)

In this podcast, I have the privilege of welcoming Thuy to her first live show with me and Evan.  So please, give her a hand of applause!

Today, we’ll discuss:

  • Why being in a committed relationship does not necessarily mean your main role is to take care of your partner
  • How to avoid getting hurt by the person you thought most important in your life by sharing yourself with everyone
  • Why women should not feel too self-conscious about their body when naked in front of a man
  • Exercises you can do to overcome your body issues
  • Why good relationships can be compared to dog training
  • How Ray is (in my humble opinion) the best character from HBO Girls to model for dating behavior so far
  • How and when to call a woman a “bitch”
  • How you can disarm a woman’s reservations about you by framing her as the temptress
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You Know You’ve Met The Right Woman When…
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I love my guy friends.  There are things that I can talk to them that I can’t talk with other guys.  They are the types of guys that not only know when to give me a gentle pat on the back when I feel down but who also know when to challenge me when they think I’m not being the best me.

Anyone dating them should feel lucky to be with them.  What I love most about them is that they are extremely self-aware, which makes them great socially and in relationships… but they are go-getters too.  They aren’t afraid of going after what they want… and it reflects in their dating lives too.

All my close guy friends date actively.  When they do date, they don’t have much problem attracting women but what is fascinating to me is what we divulge to each other when we discuss how we know a woman is just for fun… or when she actually means more to us than “just having fun.”

One of my friends and clients got married this past weekend too!  It was a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l wedding.  If there is one thing I learned from that wedding, it’d be this:  Indian people know how to celebrate… and… I now know why they are so good at bargaining lol.

So without much fanfare, here’s my list of how you know when you’ve met the right woman:

  1. She makes you hungry for more.  Because of her, you want to achieve so much more…  You are not only thinking about yourself anymore, you are thinking for two.
  2. You go home tired but seeing your woman relieves the temporary stress you feel.  Just a few  words of encouragement from her are enough to get you ready to fight another day.
  3. You feel unstoppable because she believes in you like no one else before… which sometimes actually scares you a little.
  4. Even though she believes in you, she’s not afraid to challenge you too.  She helps you see the world (or yourself) in ways you sometimes haven’t thought of.  She’s not just your biggest supporter and cheerleader, she’s at all times your most respected and beloved equal.
  5. You realize that ultimately (and just like you), she’s in no way flawless but she’s plenty perfect for you.  There are always other women out there but she’s the one you like and want; she’s the one you want to create something with.  The depth of intimacy and connection you already have with her is something you couldn’t recreate or have with someone else.
  6. As cliche a it sounds, she actually makes you a better man.  Things you wouldn’t tolerate with others, you can tolerate with her.  Things you wouldn’t tolerate in others, you can tolerate in her.
  7. Everything you do with her is fun.  It doesn’t mean that you or her don’t struggle or argue from time to time, but everything you do is easier and more fun because she’s with you.
  8. People actually see you happier.  When you are together, you both kind of glow and radiate together.
  9. You can actually imagine yourself growing with her, not just growing old with her, but growing as a person with her.  You not only like… but want her by your side, every step of the way.
  10. You understand that even if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you have faith that it will.  But if it was to not work out, be it death or break-up/divorce, you wouldn’t have had it any other way.  You have and had much more to cherish with her than without her.
  11. Every time you look at her, you think to yourself:  “Wow, she’s so hot!”
  12. Aside from you fantasizing of the naughtiest things you could do to her, you’ve actually thought of the kind of Mom she could be to your kids.
  13. You actually feel like you’d want to give her the moon, oh wait… isn’t that called a diamond nowadays? 😛

As you finish reading this list, I invite you to add your own bullet points in the comments section.  How do you know when a woman is right for you?

I’m also very curious about the woman’s perspective too.  I would like to believe that women can this list as their own but I invite them to share their thoughts too.  How do you know when you’ve met the man of your dream?


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    June 10th, 2010  (0)
Love – Your Greatest Challenge And Your Greatest Gift
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Couple in Love

The first time we met, you didn’t know who or what I was.

There was something that called me over.  From first impressions, you seemed nice.  From first impressions, I was fun.

There was an air about you that intrigued me.  Maybe it was the way you talked, the way you looked, the way you smiled, the way you moved.  I do not know.

I was a little hesitant at the beginning.  Would you be worthy of me?  Would you accept me for me?

As I talked to you, you opened up to me, you shared yourself with me, you made me feel relaxed around you, you made me laugh.

Pleasurable sensations tickled my body when I was thinking about you.

As I got to know you, I felt pulled to you by that invisible force.  Was I being hooked by you or were you being hooked by me?

No matter what we did together, you seemed mesmerized by me.  It was as if you were being hypnotized by me.

Every time I laid eyes on you, I electrified the air around you, I made you giggle, I made you feel like a kid inside. (more…)

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