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How ONE Cool Guy Approaches His Dating Life (Podcast)
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If you want to learn anything fast in life, nothing beats having a mentor.

But short of having a mentor, how about just asking what other successful people do?

Today, I have the privilege of interviewing one of my good friend Eric about his take on dating and what he thinks men specifically need to learn about women.  You’ll hear some of his personal dating stories, you’ll laugh, and more importantly, I hope you learn something from it.

Without further ado, give a hand to my friend Eric for spending a good hour sharing his insights on the matter.

Topics covered include:

  • Some of the qualities/traits Eric feels gives him an edge in dating
  • What process does he use to go from online meeting to real date
  • How he manages to bring up dirty talk or phone sex to a woman
  • The latest crazy date he’s been on
  • How having sex early with a woman affects the way she perceives your future potential
  • The potential negatives and disappointments of online dating
  • Gold diggers
  • Funny logic from unexpected women
  • 3 things you can do to be more like Eric

If you liked this kind of podcast, make sure to let me know.  I’m wanting to refine the topics I cover with you guys so post a comment.

I’ll see you next week.

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The “Online Dating and Value-Based Dating” Podcast
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This week, I am inspired to talk about online dating as seen on MTV Guy Code Episode 10.  But before that, I want to share a little video of Neil Strauss, author of the book The Game:  Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, that I found on

I’ve met Neil Strauss briefly a few times many years ago.  I can’t say I know him personally very well.  I know a lot of people look up to him for his “pick-up” advice and I respect a lot of his work.  Yet I find myself intrigued and wondering how someone famous like him would really be behind closed door. When he is not in the limelight, how genuine and likable is he?

So watch the video and tell me dear reader:  is Neil Strauss “gaming” Alexi from  Is he having a real conversation with her or is he charming her?  And if the latter, do you think they hooked up?

In addition, if you want to hear more of my thoughts on Neil Strauss, check out one of my older blogs commenting on his “Top 10 Mistakes Men Make When Approaching.”

On today’s podcast, Evan and I sit down to share our thoughts on:

  • How to think about online dating
  • Why you should try various online dating sites until you really know what you are looking for.  Don’t be afraid to go wild with your online dates and experiment!
  • Managing your expectations with online dating
  • What kind of pictures you should use.  In addition to what I suggested on the show, use pictures where you are having fun… and pictures that portrays you doing your favorite activity/hobby!
  • Why you should stop using lists on your profile
  • The worst kind of first message you could send to a woman
  • Why you need to tone down the cockiness if your messages tend to be on the arrogant side
  • Why you need to project yourself with an image that is in line with your relationship goals and values
  • How you can figure out someone’s character with good storytelling

As usual, I welcome all comments and questions.  If you want me to discuss one of your current specific dating situation, send me an email and I’ll try to answer it over the air next time.  Until then, have a great week!

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