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How To Drive Your Woman Wild In Bed
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I’ve been meaning to start a series of articles that takes a humorous angle on sex.  No matter how good you are… or how bad… sex is really funny sometimes!

If you are new to my blog, you should definitely read my Kill The Mood Please blog as well as my Most Unlikely Orgasm for Men blog.  I promise you, you’ll never look at sex the same way!  If anything, it will give you a good laugh and put you in a good mood for the weekend 🙂

Today, I don’t have a funny sex story for you but I was browsing some of my old documents for inspiration and I came across this nice little write-up that an ex-girlfriend of mine wrote a while back.  I won’t tell you if any of it was inspired by me or not but in either case, you’ll get the benefit of it!  So here it is, in all its glory, for your titillating reading pleasures.


Hot Sex

A lot of men want to be great lovers but they never take the time to ask the woman if they are satisfied with their love making skills.

Women like to have all their senses stimulated.  It’s how you touch her and caress her, how you talk to her and build a connection, how you look at her, how you whisper to her, how you can create and build up desire and affection.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been disappointed in bed by selfish lovers. [Editor’s note:  or emotionless lovers]

Men assume that having sex only involves minimal foreplay and go straight to fucking… which usually lasts about 5 to 10 minutes.  It’s just a release for them.  For most women, that’s not even enough to have a (good) orgasm.  Men need to take the time to stimulate the woman’s senses and imagination.

I had an ex-boyfriend who would only be interested in sex for one round, maybe two.  We’d get to business and once he was done, he wasn’t interested in more.  I was just starting to get into it!  It was so frustrating…

I would recommend at least 20 minutes with foreplay which involves kissing, oral pleasure, or even something playful like feathers and blindfolds.  If you really want to get more playful, you can try whipped cream and chocolate syrup to lick off of each other.  Just have fun!  Get creative with it!

After foreplay, don’t immediately start fucking her.  You need to build anticipation so she can have a bigger, stronger (maybe longer) orgasm.  Make her want more.  Tease her a bit with the tip of your dick against her pussy and slowly insert the tip… but not going in all the way.  Slowly insert the tip about 7 to 8 times and then, (more…)

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How to Create Sexual Tension
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sharon stone

I often get questions about how to make the first move or escalate, such as: When is the right time? How do I turn her on? When should I go for the kiss? The truth is it’s not as hard you may think it is. I know it can be confusing at times when you have read so many articles and blogs on the Internet about the escalation method. If you read what we have to teach you on here I promise you will soon experience lasting change!

Escalation starts from the moment you say hello to her. It’s the moment when your eyes meet her eyes. It’s that moment when two energy poles shift toward one another. When these two energy poles shift toward one another, something beautiful and magical happens, and it is to me one of the most sacred moments. It can be hard to comprehend, but your instincts will know it.

It’s all about how much you turn her on from the word “hello” and leave her wanting more. Below I’m going to break down some key elements you need to remember in order to create enough sexual tension so that the whole escalation thing becomes her idea.

Yes! It’s a powerful way to think about this concept because men out there think about escalating all the time, and they make it hard for themselves to really cherish, celebrate, appreciate and love women. So here I’m changing the game we play, showing you how to put the ball back in her court so escalation becomes her idea and when it becomes her idea, she will be turned by you many times more powerfully. Don’t you want that? I’m sure you’re saying YES I DO!

Now here are the key elements….

First, it begins with the way you gaze in her eyes. Her eyes are the windows to her soul. In the beginning you want to gaze in her eyes long enough to find out the color of her eyes. However, you don’t want to gaze for too long in the beginning because your gesture could come across as intimidating or creepy.

Second, use the power of your voice to your advantage. Speak slowly from your lower abdomen. True leaders speak slowly because they know their voice is worth hearing and people who speak slowly have a commanding presence. Plus, they sound a lot sexier than people who speak fast!

Third, use the power of your smile to your advantage, smiling is contagious. If you smile, people around you will smile; they will feel a warm vibe from you and will be attracted to your energy. In the beginning it’s crucial that you carry a genuine warm smile, this will help her feel comfortable in your presence. Your smile is also a turn on her for her; the way you smile will make her think about the way you would smile at her when you lay next her or on top of her in the bedroom.

Forth, hold yourself with a great posture, keep your chest up, shoulders slightly back and relaxed, and your chin is up. If you have poor posture, remind yourself often about adjusting your posture, and soon you will notice that by becoming more aware of your posture you will develop a more confident state of mind.

Fifth, be in the moment, pay attention to the conversation with intensity, and really care about what she has to say. Think about how would you feel if I made you feel like you’re the most important person in the room? You would feel amazing! That’s the energy and attention you want to give out to people. This is a huge turn on for women and as simple as it sounds a lot of men forget to do this one simple thing!

Think of escalation in terms of climbing a ladder with the right balance. So each time you see her, you want to get to know her better, get closer to her physically, and narrow the distance between the two of you. Gaze in her eyes, give her your sly smile, hold yourself with a good posture, speak slowly, and listen with intensity. When you go through all of these actions she is going to get really turned on by you!

Finally, don’t think about escalation too much when you’re with her, if you do, you will miss the right moment to kiss her because you were not paying attention. Too much thinking about escalation will get you nervous and the monkey chatter in your head will create fears that will prevent you from kissing her. If you do what I said above, and you pay attention to the moment, you will notice that you will naturally create chemistry with her and she will be really turned on by you!

By: Jacob Khan, www.davidwygant.com

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Awww Shit… (More PDA?)
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Don’t you hate those couples who always seem to be in love?

You know… they are those couples who are always kissing, always smiling, always laughing, always holding hands.  It doesn’t matter where they are, they are always showing some form of public display of affection (PDA).

What’s up with them, huh?  Don’t they have a little bit of common decency for other people’s feelings?  I mean… not everyone wants to see that, right?

It’s so cheesy!  It’s so corny!…  Or is it?!?

You know what?  Get over it!

Kisses!  Got to love couples in love
Kisses… Gotta love’em

I’m the kind of guy who likes to kiss his girlfriend in public.  I’m the kind of guy who likes to hold her hand while driving.  I’m the kind of guy who makes you wish you had a girlfriend with you right now on your arm.  I’m the guy who makes his girl feel like she’s living her own romantic comedy.

My buddy Jack hates it!  He gets all frustrated when my girlfriend and I get fishy faced.  It’s so funny to me.

This past weekend, I was having dinner with a bunch of friends in San Diego.  We were at an Indian restaurant in the Gaslamp District and as I came back from the bathroom, my girlfriend passed me to go there herself.  Before I let her through, I stopped her, gave her a quick peck and continued on.  My friend Mike says with his most authentic Nashville accent:  “Awww… look at’em.  Khiem just stopped his girlfriend in the middle of the restaurant to give her a kiss!”

To which… one of the girls at our table immediately blurted out:  “Awww shit…”

The entire group bursted out in laughter.

You may wonder:  did I really have to?  No.  Did I really want to?  Yes.  But as much as some of you hate PDA, I think I may know a thing or two about women that you may not know.

Turn her on, all the time.  Keep her hot and bothered inside.  Keep the sexual tension building up throughout the day.  Keep her connected to you by  the way you look at her, by the way you touch her, by the way you talk to her, by the way you kiss her… and let me tell you, I guarantee you that by the end of the day, you’ll have the best time of your life.  I did.  You’ve never seen more sparks fly before.

So next time you see a couple getting all lovey dovey, don’t be one of those “Awww shit…” people.  Ask yourself:  “I wonder what kind of sex these two are having.”  More likely than not, they’re having a hellavu better time than you are.

If you find yourself hating PDA that much, are you afraid of your own sexuality?  Maybe you hate seeing people being affectionate because it reminds you that you are really lonely inside.

You may learn a thing or two from me.  I’m the guy who makes your girlfriend wish I was her boyfriend.  I’m the guy who makes her scream at night.  I’m the guy who makes her come back over and over again.

Can you be the lover for the women in your life?

If you are interested in live coaching, the David Wygant bootcamp in Los Angeles for Halloween is pretty much sold out.  However, we have another one coming up in December!  If you are curious on what kind of coaching we do… or how we can help you, give me a call.  I give everyone a free 20 minutes consultation and you can tell me all about your dating woes.

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